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  • johnbaf johnbaf Oct 15, 2013 12:22 PM Flag

    I'm Concerned

    All my other China stocks are up today EXCEPT FENG down big time. Have been a strong believer in the company but may sell at this level. Action to the downside is unexplicable. Something is amiss and it's not good.

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    • Stock looks fine to me. I don't know why it tanked for a couple of days, but it looks like a strong recovery. I, in fact, got in on the tank because I saw some value and there was no underlying issue to explain the drop. The company is still incredibly sound - the Street points out there is zero debt. I assume the drop was just based on jitters over the US economic situation. Once that leveled off, the price began to rise and is working it's way back up. I'm only in for a short time anyway - probably get out when it gets back to the $13 range because long is not my current strategy. I was just riding this one back up to make up for a loss last week. I expect $13 either this week or early next.

    • Johnbaf, and how does your concern turn out today? What about your green chinese stocks from yesterday? The only double wobble green turner was CNTF. We are living on a game planet my friend, it's only a big game.

    • Shaking out weak holders.........if it holds around 11, we're ok for the next run. If it breaks below 11 on high volume, look out....

      Sentiment: Buy

    • Johnbaf- I bailed yesterday! Chart doesn't look good. Complete breakdown the last few days. Looks like we will see below 10 again. I will get back in before earnings. Don't understand why it stalled at $13. Someone knows something or institutions are trying to get in cheap. Real confused here.

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