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  • ggrail ggrail May 8, 2013 3:35 PM Flag

    May 15 Q1 2013 CC

    Looks like we have a date Wed May 15 after close for a conference call.

    I've written this one (WYY) down in my portfolio so much that I need to look at it again and see if it is still worth running in place with for another quarter.

    Although some movement from the lows I loaded up with some 20k plus buys at over $1 and find myself wondering if the timeline for holding this is too long for risk. I am still a believer but in doing spring portfolio cleaning WYY has been in my portfolio for a long time and has not proven itself as yet.

    This one is like watching paint dry! In a fairly sexy sector they have made this so stealthy that investors do not know who they are, where to find them, nor what they do.

    Gotta come out of the self imposed timeout boyz and start crowing a bit about what it is you do and why you can do it better than others or relegate yourselves to the dustbin of stock history with all other stories twice told but never realized.

    Get in it to win it !

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    • Understand your thinking ggrail. Its alway been next quarter or next year. Last CC they said 2014 was going to be the year. They have so many opportunities available to them but somehow do not seem able to capitalize on them. I plan on giving them a couple of quarters to see what the new sales people can do for them. Next Wednesday I am hoping for the best but expect the same old thing and the same old share price.
      One thing I would like to hear Wednesday is less rearranging the company and more aggressive marketing.

      Sentiment: Hold

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      • iwantoberich ,

        Your lips to their ears iwant2brich., I concur with the sentiments you expressed. Skins on the wall, tall guys with good hair, attractive women, 3 hour lunches, this is the U, S, of A dammit, get out there and sell something. (My apologies- Al Pacino entered my head and hijacked my persona...I actually heard him say all that, in my head that is, while he was in the WYY boardroom meeting with Gordon Gecko) okay so I didn't sleep well last night cause I'm worried about how to service the projects my company has sold. A reverse on Widepoint's dilemma.

        We'll get through this (he sez reaching for his Panglossian spectacles and knocking over his Keurig Kona blend coffee, soaking a faxed proposal he was using as a coaster to the last fiber, now a soggy mess, and that he was supposed to feed into the document feeder to scan into the RFP for increased security at the Tripoli consulate). Cut! Hate when whoever produces my nightmares isn't the same guy that runs the daytime show inside my hat rack..

        Anyway, yeah we'll get through this and there's always next quarter. Hopefully one day we won't be asking ourselves Why WYY?

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