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  • maturadoratum maturadoratum Jan 21, 2011 3:11 PM Flag


    Looking at the 2-year-chart I would expect a pullback into the $12-13 area.

    Honestly, I hope that there will be a pullback as I have no shares at the moment. I made some nice profits with UFPT in the past but sold out at the beginning of 2010 between $10 and $11. Since then I missed to get in again, I don't exactly know why. Probably I was a little bit annoyed that the company failed to initiate a dividend policy... . But below $13 this would be worth buying for the long term.

    Currently I do prefer MOD-PAC (NASDAQ: MPAC) over UFPT. This stock, like UFPT, has a 2-year-upward trend but is currently trading more on the lower range of this channel. However, recently the stock broke through $5 and it seems that it could hit $6 in the near term. PE is below 10. Book value is at $7 and, in contrast to UFPT, the company is buying back shares...

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    • Please don't get me wrong - I like UFPT a lot - but I cannot understand this recent hype! I am watching this stock for years (unfortunately I missed to get in again after I took profits when the stock rose to $12 in early 2010) and it had always a dirt cheap valuation despite the company delivered solid earnings and nice growth.

      Why is it exploding now?

      Why not one and a half years ago?

      Just a bubble?

      An acquisition target?

      New analyst recommendations ahead?

      I do only know that I absolutely prefer MPAC at $5 over UFPT above $20 at the moment... Watch MPAC (book value above $7) - earnings will be released March 1!

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      • kj0989 Feb 16, 2011 3:15 PM Flag

        Some of these solidly run small caps get swept up into waves of enthusiasm for no discernable reason. I'd like to know what impact generally positive news stories about a company like UFPT has on stock price appreciation in the short term. I saw the same thing happen with DORM a couple months ago. Forbes writes a story and within 2 weeks the stock is up 30%...

        I bought UFPT at 18.98 two days ago and sold this morning at 21. I knew it was going back up to 21, just didn't know it would happen in 2 days. I'm out for now. This after buying at $13 and selling at $19 last week.

    • I am not impressed with mpac return on equity, return on assets, and return on investment. ufpt could pull back and if it does I will pop it, however my old post iwas hoping it could go below 10 at the end of 2010. it didn't happen. At least I do have some and I am up 30plus % with it. This is the beauty of the market,

    • What does your chart say about the dirt cheap acquisitions made in the last two years??

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