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  • fitforsports fitforsports May 13, 2012 8:49 AM Flag

    popular to bash this BUT

    I probably should not even respond. No sense raging against the wind.
    Stick to my old advice that it is great to have ignorant, lazy, naive investors as every trade has a winner n a loser. After reading many posts here it surely is encouraging.

    Posters like this jyard after reading his post I sort of feel sorry for. Whether stock goes up or down in the near term he/she just does not "get it" - first item reading comprehension "no debt and a billion dollar cash" please show us where you got those figures? Cut and paste, give us a link etc. I think you read something like that but you don't comprehend what you are reading. A lot of grpn cask is "accounted for" IT IS NOT theirs to spend.

    No debt - hmmm u sure about that?

    Next years earnings between 36-91 cents. LMFAO. Again you need to re read whatever you read. Not just gross revenue ya know their are items like operations, SG&A in other words what it costs to generate and run said biz. Grpn is losing money.

    Cliff notes may have worked for ur freshman year of HS social studies class but it ain't working here. You either read what you want to read, don't comprehend or lazy. But what you and others have posted about grpn belong in the fiction dept. Simply not true.

    And the creme de la creme "Analysts" LMFAO Yes Virginia their is no Santa Claus. The fact you event posted this shows you are beyond hope ya just don't get it.

    But alas jyard maybe u are right you and the others should continue to buy and hold - average down whatever - keep going I'm sure it's going to work out swell for you. Btw can u please tell the board of any other long picks you may have or suggest from your dd?

    I'm going back to sleep feeling all comfy and warm knowing all is right in the world safe in the knowledge that folks like the longs on this board exist in the world.

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