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  • basehit123 basehit123 Aug 6, 2012 3:27 PM Flag

    DEROESE21-Remember your LOL.....LOL!


    GRPN will probably go up to the 20 day, and likely above. The question is how low will it go first. The Shorts are talking with a lot of confidence right now because they want to get this thing as low as possible before getting closer to earnings, and this is the best time for them to manipulate it, but a fair portion of them too will likely bail before earnings. For the most part, the one's that will stay are those who have money up the gazoo to play the game with. Lest we forget GRPN was upgraded to Hold from sell by Stifel Nicolaus on June 6, after doing just the opposite 2 months before. That took them up to almost $11 at the time. And relative to then? It's much a better price now.\

    DR21 - LOL the stock is at ALL TIME LOWS... AGAIN... and you think it hasn't "crashed yet". Too funny man. I really laughed when I saw this one!

    I guess your view depends on when you got in. I'll be happy if it holds 6.38. I would laugh at yours too but I'm more Sorry that you bought so high (sarcastic, and right over your head!!). Good luck going forward though.

    DR21 - You assume every poster here is long?! Get some education man. Read about options. Read about puts. Read about shorting.Then come back and tell me "the shorts are hurting" next time this thing pops up a few % above the all time low! lol

    I'm sure you'll really laugh when you see this one! LOL! Postings are about as accurate and valuable as every other posting you make.....Zilch!

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    • i think this thing takes a dump to the 5's before fb retest lows

    • I feel great! This is hilarious, the stock moves up a tiny bit and the pumpers are out in force. What a joke.

      I'm right here, reading and posting as always. I don't run away. Unlike the failed pumpers who run, hide and change ID's. I called the first dot.bomb crash and I'm calling this one. A few days without setting new ALL TIME LOWs does not make the shorts wrong.

      This hog is going to hit 6.66 then set NEW ALL TIME LOWS again just like it has every time I called for it before - watch and see, enjoy the ride!

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