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  • kevin.grygiel kevin.grygiel Aug 15, 2012 10:14 PM Flag

    jai4524 criminal fake buyout pump exposed. Open letter to the SEC.

    Hey, is it actually criminal? :P

    I mean, its just a hoax, when does a hoax actually become punishable by law?

    "There is going to be a buyout soon!"


    "Groupon is a good stock"


    "Groupon is nothing like a ponzi scheme, they have 1.3 billion in cash from ugh... selling stuff"

    to me are all outright lies, but you say that one of them is actually literally CRIMINAL to claim?

    (I am kindof joking, but also kindof serious lol)

    Please clarify law :P

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    • I don't think it's illegal.. don't know what laws were broken. It's the same as some homeless guy on a street corner and a pedestal telling you to buy certain stocks.

    • I believe this is criminal and not just a hoax. He is making direct claims about a news event that only someone with insider info would know. Also claiming a time for the news to be released. He named the parties involved in the news thereby doing them damage as well. Then claiming the news was released. This was being done to defraud investors. The numbers of posts involved in the crime is also great (I missed some) showing criminal intent. Also The Pumper's Hall of Shame exposed this criminal months ago so this is no hit and run hoax. Naturally I don’t expect the SEC to investigate that pile of dung but at least someone is on the record taking a stand.

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