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  • soooooooooosincere soooooooooosincere Dec 5, 2012 4:20 PM Flag

    trolls've quieted down somewhat


    so that's always a plus

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    • Looks like SJTBIZ is right, at least this week. Why are you so high on this stock, all it does is have fits and spurts and then it tanks. Pretty much all the financial world regards this as a playground for manipulators and the premise is a joke for sustainability. Are you playing a buy-out? Acquisition? What? I don't see this going anywhere but down. When is my only question. But if you know something, share.

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      • 2 Replies to clanloranac
      • @Clan... yeah, I laugh a bit at some of my posts, I love getting under weak traders skin,it is so easy. Now that this guy has figured out he has dug into a defenseless position on the stock, the name calling starts, then the rationalization. Backing them into a corner helps show the rest of traders where the holes are in the logic (in this case 100% holes no logic). So-in-sincere is my toy and and has little to do with trading GRPN.

        As to why I am negative on this stock? Start with Management and Directors/major shareholders. A Music teacher and a renowned stock scammer. Really it begins and ends there. The stock has tanked since inception---I believe by design, and the only people who have made out are Management, Directors, Inside Shareholders (particularly pre-IPO), and guys like me who have shorted this sick puppy to the bottom. Recent activity by Tiger and some individuals are set ups. Look at the MM's and the houses moving the blocks after hours behind the tape __ALL LEGAL__ but screwing the average Joe. When the insiders friends come to play its all over, this is a carcass and while I will admit a SHARP careful trader can bob and weave between the swings, eventually this will fade to nothing. Now Clan, look at the posts here carefully. Most pumpers feel that the company is loaded with cash and no debt. They don't know how to read a P&L and a Balance sheet. In fact one "trader" refers to trading this stock like it is Vegas " place your bet and let it ride". That mentality will get you broke in a hurry. I don't participate in crap shoots, I trade. And I need to be very sure of the outcome before I pull the trigger. So take it for what its worth, as to so-in-sincere, he's the entertainment, nothing more, so you can just skip my posts regarding him. LOL Good Trading Clan.

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    • Just when you thought it was safe to get in the water. The company is still a piece of crap was yesterday, is today will be tomorrow, and on a 5 day trend its down, but then that's been the trend since it want public.

      The trolls go away when you stop hawking this fraud based on fantasy instead of FACT! Till then....whats for dinner bro. LMFAO!!!!!!!!!

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