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  • justinmonk1234 justinmonk1234 Feb 27, 2013 8:01 PM Flag

    Could these poor earnings trigger a buyout?

    I didn't think Groupon would except a buyout as I was confident they would blow out earnings. Now this - I'm sure the company would be open to one.

    I know it's reaching and wishful thinking, but that's all I have left now for groupon. I can't describe how disappointed I am in groupon at this point. I apologize for the posts I made if it lead to anyone buying this stock. I was wrong and still shocked how my read was so far off. I got the majority of my money in averaged at $3.80 but lost most of the profit from that on $6 calls which will expire worthless.

    Again - my apologies if it swayed anyone into buying. I honestly believed everything I posted. Congrats to you shorts (even know I hate you :)) and please keep it civil as I'm sure a lot of good people lost their butts... Be a good sport heh...


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    • Justin, I can not bielieve that you would appologize for your post. Anyone on this board even thinks of buying a stock and not doing their DD deserves to lose money. I was also a strong bieliever that stock will go north after 4 Q report, but this did not happen and life goes on. Stock recovered 13% today and this is a good sign, stock will do well in the near future. Good luck and hang on to your shares.

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    • So you honestly believe bleeding red ink in yet ANOTHER earnings flop is good news? Then you post an apology if anyone actually purchased this stock based on that logic? LOL! I wouldn't worry about that. People lost their money because they didn't do proper DD. Even a simple review of the founder's past would have been enough for many to find other investment options. There are thousands to pick from. Darn shame.

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      • LOL - How do you really feel? I did apologize, but it was for my confidence in them blowing out earnings. I was wrong - dead wrong. The potential buyout thought was a prayer. I don't believe it will happen and would not bet on it at this point. But I'll be rooting for it and if it happens, my calls that are all down between 60% - 100% will be golden.

        I never said I believe anything is good news, just praying for a buyout as a last resort. What's your problem man, bad marriage, kids on drugs, what is it?

    • Hmmm - maybe my wishful thinking has some merit to it heh? What's going on today?

    • This is about a FAILED BUSINESS MODEL. Whats to buyout---a bad idea? Come on you got to get it, just look at the numbers. Fastest way to get a million dollars? Start with two and lose one. Got it?

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    • What does this company have that is of any worth to another company?

    • Justinmonk1234 those were some very humble words and I beleive that you are as true to your words. I have hope for you because Gods Word ( The Bible) tells us that God resist the proud and gives grace to the humble. You were not ask to apologize for your post but you did and I appreciate it. Any time I see your post I will know that you are writing what your heart is telling you. You have encouraged me this evening with my losses but to validate what I have said look at James 4: 6 about humility and 1 Peter 5: 5. You may not be blessed in this stock but I believe you have a blessing coming soon. Gods will be done.

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      • God bless you bro... :)

      • I wonder what God thinks about all the "shady accounting" (Forbes words) that went on from the get go. Yet despite this sin the insiders got rich on the backs of those who shouldn't have been trading in the first place. Eric Lefkofsky must be overwhelmed with pride today. Pride is the worst sin and the basis of all others. That is why we have the Pumper's Hall of Shame. It makes the shameful pumpers accountable for their past sins. It exposes their pride as lies. Their lies are often what people want to hear. Sin is often attractive. Evil isn't ugly, if so it would be easy to identify.

        Just some crazy religious mumbo jumbo. Or maybe something more. LOL! Remember GRPN is the only stock I know of that hit 6.66 multiple times and closed on it. Well it almost closed twice but fell to 6.65 at the last 4 seconds. I kid you not. Look up :"number of the beast" in the search function.

    • A buyout? Good lord. A bailout. They lose so much money I personally doubt they will survive. I like many went through the cycle of using some of the deals. Groupon customer service is pretty good by the way. I have no axe to grind. I know of several businesses that did groupon deals. Most wont do it again. Even one place that I know did ok overall will not do it again. The problem is it drains resources for the small business in a spurt making it hard to deal with. Same with Living Social. I seem them going out.

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    • I was in total shock as well. I think the problem here is that they expanded way to fast in foreign markets and for them to do it inorganically was a mistake. Now they have to put out 2 fires, figuring out how to grow profitably in the US and to fix Europe. I too have given back all my earnings I had with GRPN since last year and then some. I think I know why the initial investors are file lawsuits against the company that lost all that money for them. But ole well... I'm thinking buyout is a stretch at this point. But since the opposite happen vs. what I think, they will probably get bought out tomorrow.

    • why to buy this pc of #$%$???
      this company is doomed

    • I concur

      holding total 14000 shares averaging at 7

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