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  • robzuc15 robzuc15 Feb 27, 2013 9:47 PM Flag

    As a CFO of a company i have to say this is just ridiculous results!!

    How can you justify these results???? If u are a privately held company than it would be ok...but u are a publicly traded company!!!! You can't miss that badly!!! CEO AND CFO should be FIRED!!!

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    • The groupon model is an imaginary business model. They took it public because they knew they could never actually earn money through this model. They know it always loses money. The whole point is that it loses money slowly so they could take it public, get the IPO cash, cash out.

    • If they were going to take a pre-Ipo withdrawl, agree it should have stayed privately owned company!

    • As a CFO, you have to have a pulse on the company ... at the very least some idea of where the #$%$ the ship is headed... cut the fat... do something to show the market that you have some plan... something... #$%$ing anything! These idiots are moving along like things are normal... WOW... if they want Groupon to make it, they need to get the #$%$ out!

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      • I just cant believe that as CFO or CEO of a company, you could report a result like the one they did today...Analysts expecting 3 cents profit and you come up that short?? How do you cut the take-rate when you are already losing money?? loll If I see my company is in the red, the last thing I am go to do is cut my take-rate!! You need to raise the take-rate or at the very least leave it alone. Then focus on cutting costs and also focus on getting better % on your growing Groupon Goods service!!! I dont know what the Margins are exactly but obviously they are pathetic!!! Groupon has a great concept but it is not being executed properly!!!!! CFO speaking to the Board Directly now...Find a new CEO and CFO!!!!

      • I can't agree more. And Mason going on like oh yeah everything is great. We knew short term margin challenges but this is investing in future.... What is up with the analysts, throw him a question ppl care about! Like do you think ur gonna get fired? Or, do you know how much market equity you just cost the shareholders? Or when do you guarantee you would turn profit?

      • Do not think it should have went public, at least not at the beginning

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