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  • cyoung8404 cyoung8404 Jul 20, 2010 9:55 AM Flag

    CLDX $10 by November

    My screen ends with Frazz... It doesn't show the O. Regardless, I was surprised when you recently posted that you had unloaded some shares at $8 - $9 pre ASCO levels. If you post how good a stock is and thus encourage investors to buy it, I would expect you would also post when you thought the stock had reached a level where it needed to be dumped. As I believed in Cldx too and reported my positive feeling for the company's prospects to this board, I felt obligated to post when my feelings changed and why. I did so on the day I made my trade.

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    • CY....why should I alert the board that I SOLD a couple hundred shares pre asco or a TRADING POSITION when I hold 7000 shares long today?

      you mean when I sell 200-300 shares against 6000 long (at that time) or ~5% of my position I am suppost to NOTIFY the yahoo board?

      LOL! what is this "mother may I or what?" we are all big boyz/goylz here right?

      your NOT serious are you?

      besides I read enough WARNING POSTS by ohio mas and others on the run up to asco to give pause to any traders that some would be LIGHTENING UP on trading positions to raise cash for future opportunities...that day came recently at 4.26 and I bought back in a mess of shares raising my current position to 7000!

      if you follow my posts you would know that is an all time HIGH in share count for me!

      yours is a world of make believe your liberal politics and stock trading my friend!

      keep posting cy...but I will TELL the board SERIOUS CHIT when the sky is really falling and people need to go SHORT QUICK...we are nowhere at that point today or the last two years w/ the possible exception of July-August 2008 when we struck 17 and I SOLD OUT!

      as I recollect you were NOT around back than!

      the REAL frank!

      • 1 Reply to frankfrazzano
      • I see you associate politics even with investing. Your assumption that I am a liberal is bull also. Actually, disagreeing with you makes me quite reasonable. Frank, your own admission that you were dumping Cldx shares while you were hyping it to others proves what kind of poster you are. You ought to at least stop pumping when you begin selling if you give a crap about the posters you chat with. My only other experience with you was on the Epix board where you were also a big pumper. Tell the board how that one worked out.

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