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  • nadersralph nadersralph Sep 3, 2010 12:14 PM Flag

    Pfizer left because there is no future in CLDX Cancer Trials.

    You guys should ask Adam Feurestein why Pfizer left, he would probably spin this as a positive. Pfizer leaves because its a dead end and no future, it was just wasting time and money.

    Adam have Pumped CLDX and too many Institutions bought in this crap. Do you know why this did not fall further, it is because Institutions were propping it up to bail and to limit their losses. They got caught long and now they are just in it to bail out.

    This Company spin is fruitless, there is nothing here but to daytrade and short this company. I love when Adam Feurstein was Pumping this dead stock.

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    • just havent used that id for awhile..

      And it's hardly an argument when the other side can check for himself in the CLDX annual report that the patents expire in 2012.

    • The patents for Tylenol, Prilosec, Zantac and many other drugs expired years ago yet I still see these products on shelves and people still buy them. The end of a patent doesn't mean the end of the product. If GSK wants to sell Rotarix (which is making them ~$600m/yr right now and climbing) they will do a new contract with CLDX. Why would they go through the process of developing their own copy vaccine, putting it through trials and the FDA approval process when they can sell CLDX's Rotarix? Yes, the formula for Rotarix can be copied after 2012 but that doesn't mean anyone that copies it will do it right, get approval or sell a single vial to their government customers. This isn't aspirin on a store shelf. Don't expect anyone to attempt to copy Rotarix because if they did, it would be a sinkhole for revenue and they know it.


    • that was for apj285_xxxxxx


    • You created an ID thirty-five minutes ago to argue about Rotarix royalties?


      Bad day huh?


    • Patents expiring mean that a generic manufacturer could choose to develop a vaccine of their own and try to get their vaccine ahead of Glaxo's amongst the world governments. This is very unlikely. It's easier and more profitable to put aspirin and heartburn pills on grocery store shelves than earn the trust of international health leaders. Do you really believe governments are going to tell parents to give babies the generic brand of immunization because it's a little cheaper? Do you think the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation or the IVI are going to cut corners on world health? Glaxo is trusted and will continue to sell CLDX's Rotarix for decades to come. Look for a new agreement to be reached and PRF to be paid off in 2012. CLDX knows this. That's why they took CDX-1401 back. They know they will have sufficient funds to run their own trials and they get to accumulate cheap stock until 2012 when the cat is out of the bag and they announce the new Rotarix deal that nets them $100m/yr.

      Just my opinion as always,


    • agreement with whom?

      The patents expire...GSK owes no royalties!

    • According to these calculations, PRF gets paid in full Q1 2012 and CLDX rakes in a nice $50m for the remainder of the year. If a new agreement is reached Rotarix could start earning $100m/yr in 2013.

    • But the patents expire in 2012 so NOBODY gets royalties

    • It's frightening indeed when a contract gets cancelled and your hyphothetical scenario is possible and makes sense. Personally, I don't think the product is crap. But, if it isn't then why would Pfizer drop out?

      Another poster mentioned the possibility that Pfizer plans on purchasing CLDX outright. I personally don't think that's the case but, it would make sense to cancel the contract in order to create a false sense of panic on short-timers and day-traders to create a buying opportunity before the highly favorable cancer data was released.

      I personally believe that Celdex wants the whole enchilada and found a way to fund their trials that they haven't come right out and said yet. I'm guessing that either they have financing on the hook or they're about to pay off PRF and start claiming the Rotarix revenues for themselves which would be more than enough to fund not only CDX-1401 but their entire pipeline. If CLDX is able to fund their own trials of a blockbuster cancer drug they will become a multi-billion dollar company currently sitting at a market cap of $145 million. This $5/share price could soon go to $25 and then $250 after CDX-1401 is on the market (several years).

      As a long-term stockholder I can say that Avant (now Celdex) has always been adamant about being independent in all phases from R&D to Production making sure they are a turn-key shop without having to depend on anyone else and they have done a great job. They have never positioned themselves to be sold and instead have always built to be a strong, independent company. That's why I personally believe the deal with Pfizer may have been mutually beneficial and desired. Somebody had to make the announcement and Pfizer being the one to "officially" call it off created a nice buying opportunity for the faithful longs.

      Celdex wants the big bucks. They have been shooting for that since day one and now they see the light at the end of the tunnel. I think it's a smart move and makes CLDX all that much more valuable.

      Just my opinion as always,


    • if you had brain cancer, and the correct immune specification, you could live another 5+ years. give it up. your challenge is irrelevant and intent, just bs. go get a job. eom

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