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  • raysfrom98 raysfrom98 Apr 18, 2011 4:53 PM Flag

    This is why we are down today with the market

    "Standard and Poor's affirmed its AAA rating for U.S. sovereign debt, but adjusted its long-term outlook from stable to negative, meaning there is at least a 33% chance that company will downgrade the country's long-term credit rating.

    Read more:"

    This is what happens when the US Congress (both houses and both parties) refuses to cut spending to sustainable levels......And that's a fact! And about the President, he continues to intentionally push this country into chaos so the general public will ask for more government intervention, this he knows will lead to larger government and a steady march to a socialistic society in the USA.

    socialism |ˈsō sh əˌlizəm|
    a political and economic theory of social organization that advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole.
    • policy or practice based on this theory.
    • (in Marxist theory) a transitional social state between the overthrow of capitalism and the realization of communism

    If you care about your county, pay attention to what is happening, and vote accordingly.


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    • Again Hep, I AM NOT FRANK. But thanks for the complement.

      Hep I think I have given you enough insight as to how I think, for you to know that I do not delude myself.

      I have spent much time considering such topics. It is important to know why one thinks or believes in such things.

      No Delusion Here. And as a Conservative, I have no need to hide my true thoughts.


    • Dennis Prager is truly a great man. Good pick-up Whippersnapper! He is the kind of person that makes you want to be a better man.

      Good to hear you like him as well.


    • You prefer clarity to agreement? That's from Dennis Prager. Do you listen to his show too? He's the best in the business!

    • Frank,

      Delude yourself all you want. It certainly doesn't hurt my feelings.


    • Hep,

      Come on dude, who are you kidding? Based on what I see you writing, you are about as partisan as they come. Did you forget about your statement below.

      "The market is now off 550 points since the Mass. debacle. How American could ever vote republican is beyond me. Self hatred, I suppose."

      We all know that many Centrist voted for the Republican in that so called "debacle."

      Centrist? I don't think so. There where plenty of centrist that voted for Reagan, but I don't believe you would think of those Blue Dogs as centrist; would you friend?

      I find Clarity to be much more important than agreement. So let's be clear, you are no centrist; And that's OK. However, I find it interesting how often the left refuses to clearing define their beliefs in public. There seems to be a consensus among progressives that they must soft peddle or mask their views, so as to keep the electorate in the dark about the Lefts long term plans.

      Sound about right Hep?


    • This board is beginning to freak me out. Are you Frank, too? I feel like I am communicating with 20 IDs but 3 or 4 people. This is getting very wierd.

    • I couldn't agree more. If you consider a website that anybody can change whenever they want a viable source of history you are beyond naive....similar to the neocon and super-left factions in this country.

    • You get your 'facts' from Wikipedia? Provide some proof of your allegations. That would give your comments better standing (and respect). Your assertions are as simplistic and self-serving and Trump's claims about Obama not having been born in the U.S.

    • ""The hostages were formally released into United States custody the following day, just minutes after the new American president Ronald Reagan was sworn in."

      why that day?"

      Why that day? Have you ever picked up a book? October Surprise.

      So, what makes Reagan great is that he worked with Iran to keep Americans hostage long enough to win an election and in exchange the hostage takers were given a massive weapons cache. I cannot tell if you are a really smart guy being sarcastic, a complete moron or a young child. The October Surprise was treason. Reagan is the worst president in generations, if not ever.

    • Can u get on topic rather than spending your time cutting and pasting the same BS everyday.

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