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  • DBegley998 DBegley998 Dec 5, 2011 11:46 AM Flag

    OT - The Reagan Reality

    The problem with most of the political debate is most don't really understand exactly what's going on.
    Obama is the leader of the progressive movement and believes in the global movement by which everyone shares everything and leaving out any individual incentive. "Social justice garnished by the state".
    The only way to enact this grand plan is to crash the top economies as, for example, the U.S. and Europe.

    Reference to Reagan spending in context to Obama spending is a joke.
    Reagan gave tax breaks to entrepreneurs who developed new technologies which in turn drop the tech boom of the 90's. In turn this temporarily ran the deficit up but put the country back into the leadership position in high tech. The tax revenues from wall street paid off the deficit in the late 90's

    Obama's stimulus money was used to shore up the state shortfalls in their budgets. The state money was used to pay for the Union salaries and pensions (teachers, Police etc.) and was only a temporary fix and lined the pockets of his constitutes. It had effect on creating any new jobs or businesses.

    The best example I can use is in comparison, to the individual borrowing $100,000.
    Reagan comparison uses the money to buy income producing real estate or stock investments etc. Your in debt but the debt will increase net worth and has a long lasting value and appreciation.

    The Obama comparison would be compared to using the same 100K debt to buy a new car or furniture, vacation etc. The value is short lived and has a depreciating net worth.

    Obama isn't stupid. Everything he does is intentional. I'm in the camp with those who believe he is tying to crash the dollar, destroy all paper assets and that way we usher in the IMF's ambitions of a one world currency and control of it's financial system.

    The rest of the historical debate falls right into the decisive ambitions and Alinsky plan book of splitting the classes and creating social discourse and eventually unrest.
    BTW, George Sorros has bet heavily against the dollar so what does that tell you.

    Sorros is siting back enjoying the process unfold. His book is an interesting read. He considers himself a god.

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