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  • frankfrazzano frankfrazzano Jan 12, 2012 7:27 PM Flag

    No Mad Cow disease in these cows!


    I wonder if the Music sweetens their Milk?


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    • Way to call it Frank. Good job.

      I can't believe GB and NO are out. I wanted to see that matchup.

      This is why the games are played.


    • I know shorty especially after watching Brady reassert his CHAMPIONSHIP qualities last he is formidable..I guess U also know 2/5 Grankowski boys played at Maryland too!

      U and Dallas apparently have the two best TE's as of now, but I think the older bro Dan at Cleveland who really emerged late at Maryland, may blossom yet!

      Man that family reminds me somewhat of the Fluties...lots of kids and lots of great over achieving athletes....used to run into the Fluties at Bethany Beach, DE. each summer...huge family!

      I call it the,

      "CALL ME ANY NAME BUT DON'T CALL ME LATE FOR SUPPER EFFECT"... all of em out of hunger and sheer survival in the litter! But this kid is a BEAST from the EAST peaking at the right time!



    • 'Dream bowel matchup' .. way too funny, Frank.

    • gordo so much for the Good SAFE bet...ok now that we know one team is the 49rs, U still pickin GB to win it all, they first need to beat the Giants?

      I think at this point in time DISCOUNT double check Rogers has all the pressure on himself, since Manning has been there and done that! It will be tough!

      gordo at this point in time, GB may not even play in the title game?

      Rogers is a very good QB, he too was mocked about his size, hes an OVER achiever, I like him, but the Giants have the seed of Archie Manning...some say ELITE...I just say BRADY like...when its the BIG STAGE the boys fade and the MEN always step up!

      The cream always rises to the surface!

      If I were a betting man which I am USUALLY not, I would say Rogers better be on point, because the Giants are re surging, peaking late, and mo mo is their intangible behind an ALL IN poker chip theme and the concept of "TEAM" and not "I" could make the difference!

      This is shaping up to be a great Playoffs run no matter as I really enjoyed watching the 49rs win over NO yesterday!

      I am a redskins its a hopeless cause for me and my 'skins, now well over a decade....that being said the GIANTS are formidable and look like they are in a run the table pool game, so I like the GIANTS to win over GB, and I'm going way out on a limb now, the 49rs to represent because of my loyalty to Vernon Davis..yep thats it! The Giants will have the best QB no matter...and that usually wins late in the season unless you have a real INTANGIBLE, like a thats my bet!

      I have the 49rs meeting the Ravens in the SB...and two Maryland Receivers going at one another! Tori Smith(Ravens) and Vernon Davis(49rs) will put on a show for records..thats my DREAM BOWEL matchup...its just a dream we shall see!

      I like the new kid on the block which the 49rs are, the dis-enfranchised, the UNDER achievers, the MAL contents who Singletary could never get to PLAY TOGETHER nicely, reminds me again of Obama our president....and I like what VD (Vernon Davis) epitomizes on that 49rs team...kinda reminds me of what we have here at CLDX too!

      Yes, now we get into LEADERSHIP...and what Mike Singletary could not get done w/ the 49rs,the fool actually BENCHED Vernon Davis, his franchise player at one time, Harbaugh is achieving!

      Someones trash is always someone elses treasure! Harbaugh knows how to make Lemonade outta lemons so to speak....thats LEADERSHIP!

      Are we setting up for a Harbaugh Brothers rematch of Leaders? Is this the PRO version of LSU and Alabama for the National Championship?

      So many are betting against CLDX and Marrucci..we are the TEAM that can't get it done, we are the also rans, we are late to the party, we do not have the RIGHT stuff, the naysayers about CLDX are everywhere and yet a handful of us have stayed LOYAL, true believers!

      Perhaps that is because, WE WALK BY FAITH AND NOT BY SIGHT...ok we ask for all the proofs, the studies, the superior IP,the management team, the plan of attack, the strategies...but in the end when we have laid down our bet on CLDX we really put our trust in the Lord, that we have dotted all our I's and crossed all our T's, and now its OUT of our hands,right?

      I know I do!

      Right??,... so too in FB, so too in Life!


      ps//so Tori Smith and Vernon Davis played their college ball at my alma mater... Maryland...GO TERPS,local boys too..have the RIGHT how to BRING it at the RIGHT time! The dream game for me...The Intangible....

    • Mad cow disease.

      I fail to see the CLDX connection unless there's something you know that I don't?

    • If you haven't guessed your analogy is reprehensible imo. Breast cancer, milk and mad cows?

    • I've also heard it's all in the hands on the teats. Just imagine.

    • Try the middle of the Okeefenokee swamp with a stranded canoe that lost its miserable motor halfway through the tour due to a thunderstorm while carrying a maniac handbell choir director and about six female twelve to fourteen year old bell ringers.

      We bailed out the canoe with our handbags while he turned purple yelling at the guide.

    • Depends on whether they play that jazz from their heart, don't you think? If it's just a ploy for profit,i.e. more milk, then well the cows most likely will lose it.

      That being said, CLDX looks strong here.

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