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  • elstockjock elstockjock Apr 20, 2012 12:42 AM Flag

    Change the world

    Considering what a circus the GOP/TP primary has been, and how lack-luster Romney is as a nominee (if/when/probably), it's hard to understand why the election is being touted as a close one like 2000 was. Really?

    Heck, if Dubya could get a second term in 2004 after 9-11 on his watch, the unnecessary Iraq mess, skyrocketing deficit spending, poor management of Katrina, etc., whereas President Obama has done a really good job trying lift this nation out of the Great Recession and finishing the job Dubya failed to do like getting bin Laden -- why wouldn't President Obama get a second term?

    And Romney isn't really running on anything other than being a businessman (or worse, negative ads attacking opponents), and Teapublicans aren't so much planning to vote for Romney as they just want to vote against President Obama (or any Democrat). Seriously?

    Just take the cookie fiasco, and Romney insulting his own constituents for not providing home-baked cookies up to his standards, and insulting the local area and bakery along with them. The list of turn-offs is so long, how can such a crappy candidate give anyone a close race, and based on what?

    But the REALLY disheartening thing to hear is about congress and predictions that the Senate in particular will likely be a close split as well. For the sake of this country, will voters reelect Teapublicans in congress giving us another four years of gridlock? What have the obstructionist GOP/TP done to earn reelection? They've attacked every segment of society from Hispanics, to organized labor, to Medicare, to women -- with autocratic A.L.E.C. tactics to pass the most backward and unwanted legislation in history -- and not one job can they say they created. This is what voters want? Really, seriously?!!!

    And if people think rulings from the SCOTUS like Citizen's United suck, one of Romney's legal advisers is Robert Bork. The court already leans to the Right, and appointments are for LIFE. Read up on Bork and imagine what a Romney presidency would mean.

    Reelecting President Obama (even if one faults him for what ever s/he faults him for) should be a no-brainer. Progressives, renew the energy of Occupy, move to Florida temporarily, do what ever you have to do, but get to the polls and take as many friends and family with you as possible. A Romney presidency plutocracy would be more disastrous than you could ever fathom. And President Obama needs a congress that will work together and work with him if we are to have hope for a faster recovery.

    Obama/Biden - 2012!

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