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  • weightbayou weightbayou May 24, 2012 7:24 PM Flag

    Big decision for Frank.

    Will he cash in some of his CDs to buy more Celldex?

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    • hey fat obama boy say whattttt mutha F3@#K?

      he still sucks no matter what we call one another and your MEAL TICKET (foodstamps) is about to be taken away like candy from a baby about Nov.4th!



    • Brilliant. Wouldn't have expected it from someone as sharp as you.

      By the way, what's an a*s? Is that something akin to a butt?

    • newlightstou_n_friends newlightstou_n_friends May 25, 2012 10:53 AM Flag


    • Maybe you misunderstood me.

      Shove it up your a*s.

      That a bit clearer?

      IF YOU don't like it, you can always SHOVE IT UP YOUR A*S.

    • Who are YOU to tell me anything? Frank is a legitimate target, his family should be out of bounds. I'm not defending Frank, just his family. You don't like it, put me on ignore.

    • Who are you to tell him whether to include Frank's family or not?

      You rising to the defense because you feel a tinge of the the same belief?

      Or, do you object when Frank makes one of his many MANY MANY racist posts?

    • They worked?

      You can NOT print and borrow money to "create" prosperity.

      The socialist unions are what destroyed the big three....

      You do realize that Obamas mentor is Saul Alynsky.....the radical marxist...correct?

      You do realize that Obamas healthcare is basically going to crush middle class people and businesses correct? It has already GREATLY harmed myself and the small company I work for...

      I have NOTHING against the man....just the policies of Socialism....which he has taken to marxism & communism

      Gimmee....gimmee....gimee....that is ALL his Presidency is about....welfare....government pensions(Teachers, UAW, etc.)

      Buying votes at the expense of the true backbone of America..people like myself who are self employed and pat there own healthcare. The democrats have caused such inflation over the last 45 years that you can not raise a family on 100K a year anymore.

      Middle class is evaporating...

      Have a great Memorial Day....

    • frank is going to have the last laugh when he buys a vacation home with his cldx profits.

      • 1 Reply to goodlife000777
      • < frank is going to have the last laugh when he buys a vacation home with his cldx profits. >

        goodlife, you are close on that!

        I retired in April 2007, and sold my main residence and moved into our Vacation home at the Ocean. Its a small quaint easy to care for home but its just the wifey and me, and we were born long ago when most people needed LESS, so its very doable and its PAID FOR as in F/C!

        Taxes are quite low too, and Utilities are the main cost.If I die tomorrow I know my wife will not be saddled w.debt or some big monstrosity that she can NOT take care of, and you know how kids are today w/ helping parents, they are INCOMMUNICADO at least mine are so....if CLDX is a big hit and I net say $75K I could BUY UP to something nicer and NEWER, but we are more of the travel type so we love to cruise and I would rather see the WORLD and experience that and so thats probably where I would spend the extra dough!

        Im pretty content in retirement, dont sleep much anymore, and love the beach and water sports...mainly fishing and boating!

        We are actually living our DREAM now and I hope to live it fuller and deeper when BHO is voted outta office in November!If he is not I will not need to worry, nor you about any CLDX profit! At that point I will probably SELL all assets above and beyond the home, cars and get out of the markets period! Im tired of his BS and Wealth Redistribution Model!

        Im not fond of REPARATIONS people like BHO, especially being Italian-American and working very hard 3 generations to get to this point, and I believe in RUGGED INDIVIDUALISM and personal responsibility which seems to no longer be in vogue in America!



    • I think he got a second mtg. on his house to buy more.

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