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  • richrd_cc richrd_cc Mar 1, 2013 8:40 PM Flag

    High Volume -- Large Blocks -- Big Gains = Great Investment

    Celldex has become one of the best investments that I have ever made.

    The high interest in Celldex is clearly indicating that there is tremendous confidence in the company and it's promising pipeline of products. We have expressed our feelings about the potential that Celldex has with it's great pipeline. Watching the "smart money" buying up all of these shares confirms what we have believed all along. These incoming buyers are making educated purchases and we have to believe that the risk/reward ratio is becoming smaller and smaller. The conference call may clarify some of the questions that we have about the FDA meeting(s) that Celldex had in December but the strong outlook for the company is the factor that is propelling the stock price. I'm hoping that this growth phase to $15- $20 per share appears cheap to us in the next year or two. It would be great to look back and be able to say...."remember when Celldex was only $15 per share?".

    I believe that this stock will close the year at a price that will make us all very happy shareholders.

    Congrats Longs....what a great week.

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    • With everything Celldex has going for it, I think you may be right. If you consider the entire package here including the technology platform, all the drugs, drug combinations with expanded indications in development and coming soon, the in-house GMP manufacturing capabilities,and decades of research completed that many people don't realize, Celldex has a real opportunity to make it as not only a going development stage biotech, but a growing global commercial drug company. The right partnership is needed to get the global reach, but it's coming soon and that's when we will look back on $15 (no doubt with a smile).

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    • Thinking the same thing before, how great to look back and to ponder a year plus from today, wow 15.00 was damn inexpensive, cheap, as we are really sitting on a PCYC and realistically a new defining Amgen

    • Great summary Rich. There is going to be so many catalysts this year it will be hard to keep up. AACR is around the corner. See below.

      APC targeting and maturation in the clinic
      Tuesday, Apr 09, 2013, 11:05 AM -11:25 AM
      Thomas A. Davis. Celldex Therapeutics, Clarksville, MD

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      • 1 Reply to weightbayou
      • I agree Weight....the catalysts for CLDX in 2013 will keep us on a steady ride up. The comparisons to companies that are now trading in the $90+ per share range may sound ridiculous to many, but when you crunch the numbers on CLDX's pipeline and the income potential...the PPS comes out high in all scenarios. The talk about $20 per share by year's end is not far fetched's only the beginning.

        This is why we are experiencing the tremendous rise in PPS that we are seeing. The price per share is rising sharply and the high institutional ( 60%) ownership continues to grow. The smart money is expecting that the science behind CLDX is going to reap huge rewards for their clients.

        Expect more increases....the interest in Celldex's potential is just now becoming obvious to a large number of investors. This is going to be a great ride. Congrats longs!

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