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  • wesleydoctor wesleydoctor Mar 8, 2013 2:46 PM Flag

    CLDX Will Be The Big Biotech Winner of 2013. $50+ Stock

    make alot of money $$

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    • Is that your projected buyout price? Others are saying only 30-ish.

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      • Its simple, take the january price and triple it each year. Every year for 5 years.

        I belive that percentage wise, the greatest price appreciation will be to end of 2014...maybe ASCO 2014.

        The institutions want this to go to $30 just by the shear fact that it will start the acquisition clock which will be perpetually a 100% premium to current price.


    • This study investigated the mechanistic requirements for T cell activation by CDX-1127 and the resulting characteristics of the activated T cells. Using purified T cells from healthy subjects, the results of this study demonstrated that concomitant signaling through the T Cell Receptor for antigen is required for CDX-1127 drug activity. Therefore, widespread activation of T cells (since the vast majority are not receiving T Cell Receptor signaling) will not be activated by CDX-1127. Importantly, when T cells are activated through T cell receptor stimulation and CDX-1127, they undergo multiple cell divisions, secrete cytokines with a dominant a proinflammatory signature (IFN-gamma, IL-2 and TNF-alpha), and express activation markers consistent with an activated phenotype.

    • CDX-1127 elicits potent activation of T cells by inducing their proliferation and release of important immune modulating cytokines," said Dr Keler, Senior vice president and Chief Scientific Officer of Celldex Therapeutics. "Most importantly, we have shown that the activation is highly regulated, which limits any safety concerns related to non-specific stimulation of the immune system that similar candidates in this class have faced. This finding is supported by the good safety profile seen to date in our ongoing multi-dose Phase I human clinical trial. We believe CDX-1127 is an exciting entrant to the field of immunotherapy and look forward to presenting clinical data from planned solid tumor and hematologic expansion cohorts from our Phase I study by year-end.

    • The study further explored aspects related to both the potency and safety profile of CDX-1127. Results were consistent with earlier work, confirming the mechanism of action for CDX-1127 and providing additional support for continued clinical development of the candidate.

    • Celldex Therapeutics reports encouraging results from cancer study

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      Apr 22, 2013 (Datamonitor via COMTEX) -- Celldex Therapeutics, Inc., a biopharmaceutical company, has reported results of an in vitro study analyzing the activation of human T cells with CDX-1127. CDX-1127 is a monoclonal antibody that binds CD27 and is designed to activate patients' immune cells against their cancer.

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    • I agree with Weight that 25 this year is most likely. Keep in mind it could come much sooner than most people think it will (i.e. think by summer, not end of the year). 50 however, is not impossible, but more probable to come next year as we make final approach to cfinal data and commercialization of Rindo and CDX-011. For this to occur this year we would need one of the surprise big catalysts to come in (i.e. global soup to nuts partnership deal, breakthrough status and/or another unexpected positive surprise. Of course a buyout would get us there in a hot flash, but nobody here really think any of the deep pocket biotechs or large pharmas have the balls that would be required to pull off an outright take-over.

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      • Don & Weight, while I've nothing against CLDX going to $25 this year and/or $50 next year, but I must disagree on both counts. $25 = 2B valuation with only 2 drugs relatively close to approval (and I'm not even sure that 2 years is really THAT close) with immediate market for these 2 drugs is of decent size, but by all means not in Billions, all of this lead me to believe that $25 we get when we'll be much closer to approval, lets say by the end of 2014 or even later. And $50- I don't believe we'll get there at least for another 3-4 years, if at all. The only scenario that could bring these level of prices is buyout- BMY paid 2.5B for MEDX and I'd expect CLDX to fetch 3B-4B at certain point in the future, but ,as we all know, buyouts happen not that often.
        I'd perfectly happy with $25 in 1.5 years. I realize that CLDX behave very strong lately and makes everyone feel "TO THE MOON, BABY!", but usually such price pattern is not sustainable for the long time, Summer is usually time for consolidation, so while I'd not short CLDX (never bet against fundamentals!) now, but I'm not adding to my (substantial) position, but looking at different direction (IMMU, for example, looks like "mini CLDX"- I've no position) and NLNK (I've small position) while has more limited pipeline than CLDX, but on the verge of delivering good news and I think by ASCO will be trading at $15+).

    • I say $20 -$25 this year and perhaps $50 in 2 yrs.

    • thanks Doc..I agree

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