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  • frankfrazzano frankfrazzano Mar 28, 2013 1:32 PM Flag

    I mi$$ed U guys...been over in Cyprus trying to get my Money outta that commie bank....


    HAPPY EA$TER..the yahoo progressives will not let me use the Christian word...

    more commies!


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    • Frankie .. Wish you and your family a happy and well connected Easter...

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      • thanx a nice Leg of Lamb marinattin' and will Barbecue that bad boy for the family on Easter Sunday..after Sunrise Service....real slow on the I look forward to Easter and my Barbecue Lamb...only eat it once a year these Doc has my diet pretty restricted...I told him I was on the Mediterranean Diet being Italian and all that...and he eliminated my Olives, my Sausage and Prosciutto..too much salt/preservatives....Im allowed the parsley and garlic and some red wine now!

        This getting old sucks!

        BTW on yahoo I tried twice to type a Happy Easter Greeting to all U guys...and it would not go through until I altered the word w/ a $ and that was like Blasphemy..I felt like Jesus in the temple w/ all the Money Changers...but who knows what they do..I still say they have macros and filters for certain people on their Hit List...hey Im special..hehhehe!

        Look if the EU governments can take over Bank Accounts and confiscate funds to pay for their silly programs..YAHOO can police our site and control the Subject Matter...they are notorious for doing so and this all came about quite seriously when Marissa Mayer became CEO!

        Look at how they TOOK AWAY our ability to QUOTE THINGS and post ATTACHMENTS/URLs to support our thinking/opinions..that really sucks when you come from an EDUCATION that taught U to give CREDIT where CREDIT is DUE!

        I guess its the new america...I like the OLD AMERICA better where we are held accountable!



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    • They won't allow use of the word Easter? Got to see this for myself

    • Great to have you back Frank. I have a feeling next week will be very exciting for CLDX. A new month with a slew of catalysts in wait.

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    • caro franceschino

      we missed you.

      how is your dcth doing?

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      • I bought another 3K at 1.65 and will now ride up 32K shs....the WHOLE ENCHILADA to $2-4 range and than we will I had a great past two weeks in my other pics, but I am RAISING CASH too at 45% now....nicky thanx for asking about DCTH...I think when they open up ASIA in about two years YOU GUYS will all wish YOU had my DCTH position...HCV is a real epidemic in ASIA and the Liver cancer is beyond anything we now have...DCTH should do real well in ASIA w/ Chemosat...of course the Chinese are good at pirating American IP so that is a concern, but this Surgical technique/devices must be bought as a they say it is protected...we know better...the ASIANs are very good at copying what we Americans create!

        Someone has to lead!

        Happy Easter and a Blessed Passover to all my friends here at CLDX!


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    • Welcome back Frank

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