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  • stockguyone stockguyone May 17, 2013 8:58 AM Flag

    Poor larch, so desperately in need of anger management counselling

    not to mention a spine. Geez larch why is every one of your posts so filled with hate and anger. It's just like your buddy Rush says about you--all you dumb liberals are just so very unhappy with your lives that you want everyone else to be miserable just like you. Hey sweetie, don't get mad at the messengers, get mad at your fearless leader, the bigot Socialist corrupt BHO and his henchmen. Yeah that BHO, the one who has no regard for the laws of our country unless they fit his needs. Now quit spending so much time on a message board and go find your backbone. I promise, you'll be a much happier ex Socialist for it.

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    • "larch in nned of anger management"

      "not to mention a spine"

      "your posts are filled with hate and anger"

      "so very unhappy with your lives"

      Hey stockguy, how long have you been a douchebag?

      Cripes, those psychological jabs you're throwing REALLY hurt!


      I think its time you turn off Dr. Phil and go outside and enjoy the sunshine. You're starting to talk like you've possibly lost your mind.

      "get mad at your fearless leader"

      Why would there be any reason to be mad at Obama besides racism?

      The Dow is over 15,300.

      Bush took it down to 6000.

      Obama waxed Bin Laden after Bush completely failed.

      Obama is as cool as the other side of the pillow.

      Bush needed help getting through "My Pet Goat" and then he went into hiding for 12 hours while his country burned.

      It's all good, homeboy!

    • He#$%$ is a 'hater', you know, the likes of which the Demoncrats are always accusing conservatives of being. What's amazing is that Lurch hasn't already choked on his own BS.

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