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  • mabiotech mabiotech Jun 14, 2013 4:07 PM Flag

    Well, longs have had quite a party this week, but it's going to end soon. SHORT CLDX

    You and the major institutions have roped quite a large number of suckers into this company. I never thought the price would get this high. Congratulations, but it's only temporary.

    I would highly, highly recommend that any new investor sell you holdings on Monday. You have the weekend to think about what can happen in the global econimy and in the U.S. and in the stock market that will cause CLDX to go crashing down back to the 12s after reaching such dizzyingly hights in such a shoirt time.

    All those articles are nothing but hipe. This will crash. Fear is healthy when you've had a sudden run that can't be maintained.

    Sentiment: Sell

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    • So are you saying next week the shorts will NOT be covering? They will wait it out? OR they will cover which will push the PPS up and once it peaks (around $17.00) start covering? either way CLDX is moving higher. Don't cover at your own risk.

      Sentiment: Hold

    • Mabio, CLDX is probably got into "consolidation phase" where it could trade $1 lower for some time, so if you lucky enough you can make few pennies on it. However, it seems to me that next week will be in general good for market and for CLDX, so the risk of shorting it now (or later) is too great...I'd suggest to stay away from this trade.

    • Mabiohipe scuttles back in. I like how now the "crash" will be into the 12s--in your previous dismal failures, the pps was going to crash into the 9s, the 6s, and the 3s. Oh, well. At least your losses are only imaginary, like your "shorting".

    • Anyone, ANYBODY, who buy or sells based on what is posted on a message board should be committed to an asylum. I don't refer to any particular person on this board who continues to pump or tries to convice the lame to sell, however the usual suspects are clearly evident. By the way, Mab, what are you doing back here?

    • Weren't you the idiot that said this 8 or 9 weeks ago (among other gems you have posted along the way) when CLDX traded at $11.10?

      "by mabiotech • Apr 4, 2013 11:39 AM Flag
      The glitz is gone from CLDX; it was pumped up on hipe anyway. Going back to $9 is inevitable. Longs are not secure in their positins, and enough will sell out once this gets back below $10.50. Then it will accelerate selling down back to 9.
      Sentiment: Strong Sell"

      I see you still can't spell. Please go back and get your GED - might improve your credibility a notch when you post this nonsense.

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      • ...the above was one of my fav lines by mabio....what he fails to appreciate is that LONGS are in some cases 5-7 years in this stock..we have seen all sorts of BUY and SELL oppys and some of us are smart enough to have TRADED this stock to low costs or NO COST as is my case!!! that case we have little or NOTHING at stake and so we allow CLDX to run its FULL expected will not take much now like DEAL, a partnership, an approval, a FAST TRACK, an Expedited Review, etc to take us to a new level...keep in mind PFE walked from their $400M deal and that was long ago before we had this extended IP and MATURING DATA in BRAIN and BREAST CANCER...a likely deal in the Future will eclipse the PFE deal by several Millions!

        That will overnite DOUBLE the stocks current valuation on the day announced!

        You can BUY dips but YOU can NOT talk this stock down and even a BAD ECONOMY and a GOVERNMENT gone CRAZY has not hurt CLDX..its my guess that a Market Correction of say 20% could take CLDX down maybe 5-10% but that may be a stretch given the considerable upside!

        I have had a HOLD sentiment on it for a couple weeks now and still it climbs above the 13 when I went cautious...that was nothing to do w/ CLDX but w/ the Feds and Bernake possibly PULLING back on Monetary Policy where they PRINT $85B a month and buy treasuries w/ it and general debt...that to me is WRECKLESS Inflationary ECONOMICS and eventually we will pay the price as a Nation!


        Sentiment: Hold

      • Amen

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