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  • mining_phd mining_phd Jun 26, 2013 12:21 PM Flag

    Zimmerman walks. I think the 3,200,00 African Americans in Florida, (900,000 unemployed ) will be furious.


    Not sure about the 4,000,000 African Americans in Missouri, or 9,000,000 in New York or 2,000,000 in Atlanta.

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    • why would 900K be furious w/ Z verdict...they should take out their angst on BHO who promised everyone JOBS JOBS JOBS...and now hes trekking off to Africa while the rest of us are SEQUESTERED!

      misguided lib!


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      • Hey Frank. Wanted to update you. Still going through your history of posts. According to my count a total of 27 racially charged posts (still searching). I'm making sure I filter out (what I believe) to be racists posts from straight political posts. All I can do is aware Yahoo of those racially insensitive posts. However, it got me thinking what else I can do? So I went to all the news websites, including all left, middle, right wing sites. I found contact points thru their websites. Maybe this goes absolutely nowhere but wanted to try. So I wrote all of them (canned email) if they were interested in different story angles (ie. Financial message boards used for Racially Biased Propaganda or a story line on America's Viewpoint on the Trayvon Martin case as seen on the Financial message boards, etc.). Then I simply said as a "reference" filter on the CLDX message board and search the user: frankfrazzano. Maybe it goes nowhere. But it was easy to do.. Just sent a canned 4 line email to ALL news sites. Maybe someone will pick it up and do the leg work?

    • why would they be FURIOUS...hes one less DRUG DEALER for them to worry about...BLACK on BLACK CRIME far worse than BLACK on HISPANIC and vice versa....he was in a community where he did not belong...ZIMMERMAN just cleaned up the SHI-ite!


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