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  • weightbayou weightbayou Jul 19, 2013 9:25 PM Flag

    What can we expect next week?

    $23? $24? Maybe you don't realize how close Celldex is to some catalysts. Thanks in advance.

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    • Every time it goes down 2 bucks, it bounce back 3 bucks. It's just matter of time. It always try to touch mean analyst estimate. Now it's more than $25 and we should go there soon.

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    • Nothing worthwhile. Right now this is quickly turning into crud. Perhaps over-enthusiasm propped it up from single digits and now the price is being paid, due in part to nothing on the newswires. So, let us hope that something comes out soon worth reading about as that would be the only catalyst. On another note, I have made serious money to date, but may make a move to lock up the profits, reduce my holdings and wait it out for few months. Tough decision, but when it goes down nearly 3 bucks in a week, the decision becomes easier to justify.

    • Weight, don't you think we reached the low 20s just a little fast? I do......and I think that is why we have leveled off here, and may hangout here for some time to come. Of course, that could be complete hogwash, and we could shoot to $30 next week on anticipation of things to come, but honestly, I think we are ahead of schedule currently by about 3 to 5 months. That said, I think we are close to a $50 stock by late next year, and will go much higher from that marker. Either way, it's worth the wait.

      My point is, if we keep moving up so fast, without major news, it could make Celldex an attractive short term short again for those types of players. A little slower may be better. I can't believe I just said that.

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      • And so it is.........................

        With no news recently, and the swift upward rise, a pullback had to happen. Now one has to ask the question, is this just consolidation, or are we about to see a share offer? Either way, we are good.

      • Looks Like this thinking was not actually hog-wash.

        Not to worry, this pullback, if it continues in a meaningful way will bring in many, many new buyers, and make Celldex much stronger heading into the end of year. I still think we test $50, next year.

      • yuup , but these things can get over done , look at tsla m cap right now ? i mean cmon....we are in play and larger forces at work here ...momentum , short covering , they keep shorting it on the way up ..with the institution & insiders & shorts having %85 of the float locked up its thin & in demand.. i think we are destined for 28ish here real some point it will top & fall back considerably , but it does not appear to be that time now..

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      • Ray, I can't agree with you more and also would prefer are moving in tandem with fundamentals,- i.e some news. But very strong market in bios lifting strong a lot of boats. My (conservative) price target for the rest of the year was $18, and we left it behind already! I'm selling covered calls (at $25-$28 strike price). Well, November 35c is going for .6-.8 and 30c for 1.05-1.25, so it seems a lot of volatility is expected...It would be good if we spend some time in $20-$22 area...

      • Ray, that is a very good point. I am quite willing to wait. By the way, I think ASTX is a good stock too. I think it was upgraded recently.

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