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  • frankfrazzano frankfrazzano Aug 1, 2013 5:26 PM Flag

    RGDX gets strong buy from Zacks....I would agree!

    Response Genetics, Inc. ( RGDX ) has been on the move lately as the stock has risen by 35.3% in the past four weeks, and it is currently trading well above its 20-Day SMA. This is a pretty solid move higher, but the question that has to be on investors' minds right now is; can this trend continue?

    While there can be no telling for sure, it is certainly encouraging that earnings estimates have risen in the past few weeks on the company, suggesting that sentiment on RGDX is moving in the right direction. In fact, the stock currently has a Zacks Rank #1 (Strong Buy) , suggesting that the recent run could certainly continue for this in-focus company.

    ...for the record I am long about 22K shares....and YES it can CONTINUE w/ the CEO they have..another solid Italian-American the kind that built this Country Stone by Stone! As w/ TSRX I am advocating all CLDX longs take a hard look at RGDX for your LT portfolio! No cancer drugs will be admined w/o a Dx test to fingerprint your Cancer Genome...even GBM and Rindo requires a Dx to look for EGFRvIII protein!


    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • nice Follow through in AH yesterday as RGDX traded 8165 at the close... bled over into AH I think at 2.25/share! CC next week on Q-2 should be ILLUMINATING..hah hah! I would ask all CLDX longs who are intrigued by RGDX to listen in on that call 8/8 at 8:00AM EST! Tom Bologna is so Italian-American you just feel he will WILL this Company to Continuous Improvement..after all thats all we can expect in any American Corp---just keep getting BETTER at what you do---thats the MO at RGDX!


      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Fraz,
      I have a sizable position in RGDX and your post here is extremely important to potential buyers.
      Why do you not post directly on the that board to enlighten these investors.
      Having also a nice position in CLDX, I notice your comments and recommendations on other winners usually come through this board.
      I am a devoted follower and appreciate you sharing your knowledge.

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      • premier...... thanx for your thoughts!

        I was a LT poster over at the RGDX Board for years and I still go back every once and a while when some thing MAJOR happens like the GSK investment of 15% shares, but I love the CLDX board and most of my LT friends/some detractors--LOL, are here and they know they will find me here so I stay parked so to speak. As much as I love all the BIOS keep in mind that when I make MONEY and have GAINS I trade them ALWAYS..thats fraz rule #1 ok, always trade to the lowest Net Cost of Shares! This is critically important to my Investment Thesis and INSURES my LT success!

        My posting off topic is annoying to some CLDX Investors because they want only CLDX posts and no other Bios or Political Comments made, but I do anyways..thats the price paid for my FREE advice///LOL!

        Im all about TEACHING A MAN TO many here know...and always try to reach out to others so they in turn will do the same..and in that way I think we all leave a positive mark on the time we are here on Earth!

        To be fair I try to keep it to only BIOs only BIOs that I have scoured deeply with my own SCRUBBING PAD and shares that I personally OWN, almost exclusively and that has been appreciated by many including you! Occasionally I will be NEGATIVE on a BIO that I think is overdone/overbought or has problems..recently I have been down on SNTA as an example--I do this when PUMPERS come over here at 52 week highs that I believe are UNSUSTAINABLE and people are looking to be greedy and SELF SERVING!!! I can smell em a mile away!

        CLDX way up here is the exception to the rule...and COMMANDS my strong buy sentiment as I believe in CLDX we are only in its INFANCY!

        I love your handle and living up to your name you have two great PREMIER COLLECTABLES in CLDX and RGDX!

        stay thirsty my friend!


        Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • very nice steady ACCUMULATION of RGDX today...2.20 will be take out soon!

      usually not a lot of OVERHEAD ROOM on ASKs w/ RGDX so it moves quickly when it does pop!


      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Well, well, your little baby is getting some respect. My friend, you are on a roll.

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      • rays my little baby RGDX is on a roll!!...

        RGDX has been like a personal ATM to me over the years.....

        ...if I tell U guys what I did w/ this holding no one would believe me and my gains so I will just say I have made BANK on it...nothing.... even BK can hurt me now...its all made and put away, Im 22K shs free and Clear w/ $8800 profit booked(not bragging just be honest!) ...I gain nothing by PUMPING something that would FAIL now or lose people money...this is the next GOLDMINE imo in Dx and a BUYOUT is coming at $4-6 by next year imo...all the BALANCE SHEET improvements tell me so!

        So the co. is at a point in its LIFECYCLE where the risks are mitigated by my standards...and it all starts w/ the CEO who is a super straight shooter and solid business man that I trust....I call him about once per quarter like I call about half my holdings CEOs and he always takes my calls and answers my questions within PUBLIC DISCLOSURE of course and thats a Blessing....

        I ask questions that ANAL leasts are too stupid to ask at CCs...and that lets me gauge where the co. is really the case of RGDX they are on a ROLL to book the INSURERS for all their Cancer Dx TESTS to be covered and BC/BS is their recent target w/ CA(home base is LA!) and ILL locked up...they have a dedicated specialist on THIRD PARTY PAYORS and thats huge to me...its all about REIMBURSEMENTS in the Dx space..than they have two INCOME STREAMS in RETAIL Dx and PHARMA Dx research....they are a small co. so they can be FLEXIBLE unlike the Illuminas of the world...GSK is a big pharma researcher in cancer and RGDX does a nice chunk of contract work for GSK who owns 15% of RGDX shares now...thats when I went all in RGDX and never looked back!

        thanx rays for your kind $2-3 they are a STRONG BUY!


        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • All the first and second teir biotechs have been on a roll. Make a list, throw a dart. pat yourself on the back. ARRY made a new high. Been holding since ..... INO.... ha ha ( they guy from the Simpsons)
        SGEN high, bought right after the IPO and loaded up at $4. to bad I sold recently.
        50K shares too!!

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

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