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  • whippersnapper65 whippersnapper65 Aug 30, 2013 1:37 PM Flag

    The arguments being used to attack Syria can be used to oppose abortion

    Why don't the Democrats believe that the slaughter of the unborn is a moral obscenity? Why don't the Democrats express such outrage at the murder of millions our own unborn children here at home each year, especially among blacks? Why, instead, do the Democrats support federally funded abortion without any restrictions whatsoever at any time during pregnancy?

    Liberals are moral idiots.

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    • Again: the "progressive" case for attacking Syria can be used to argue that abortion is a heinous evil that must not be tolerated. Liberals are moral idiots. They speak with forked tongue. "If being a progressive means anything, it means standing up against the abuse of the powerless by the forces of the powerful." The powerless are babies in the womb, Democrats. Take your own reasoning to its logical conclusion.


      From Bill Burton, on Politico today:

      But the appalling, senseless use of chemical weapons to slaughter civilians must not be tolerated – not by Americans and not by the international community. It was one of the great international progressive victories of the 20th century to prohibit the use of chemical weapons, and this fragile compact becomes meaningless if left unenforced. [...]

      If being a progressive means anything, it means standing up against the abuse of the powerless by the forces of the powerful. It’s what Bobby Kennedy stood for. It’s what defined every day of Paul Wellstone’s life in service — including the day he supported air strikes in Kosovo. It’s what President Barack Obama is standing for when says that in this time, on our watch, we will not tolerate the slaughter of innocents. We will not stand for the indiscriminate murder of men, women and the smallest citizens of our world with the worst weapons ever conceived.

    • Here's an interesting scenario. While the current administration considers the use of deadly chemicals in Syria as crossing that 'red line' and as a 'moral obscenity', what if another super power decided that BHO's support for abortion represents a point where we (the USA) have crossed THEIR 'red line', based on their adherence to a different set of moral standards? If Syria's alleged use of gas on their own people so outrages our President to justify firing missiles into another country, our own deeds might sufficiently enrage someone else to load us down with a missile strike. We clearly are not the moral leaders of this world.

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      • Your analogy is not only morally obscene, it is intellectually bankrupt and pathological! How any adult let alone child could make that analogy is truly astonishing! Men, woman and children been mass murdered, genocide, by nerve agents, Sarin, by its leaders. This is the same thing as the liberty and dignity and right to choose by a woman, her choice? Much to your disappointment, you myopic Christian imbecile a --- ole, you are no different than the fanatical fundamentalists abroad, the great blind spot, who incidentally you would find huge support). It is the SAME THING as our NON RELIGIOUS (Get it MORON) government, supreme court , supporting a woman's dignity, liberty and right to choose? That is not only a stretch, but people like you need to be incarcerated
        for being morally obscene and pathologically deranged. Why don't you in the name of "your God" go bomb a clinic you moron!!!!!

      • You make the same point I did in a different way.

        The muzz (ies) frequently criticize the West for its decadence and use that as justification for ji/had.

        BHO has no moral credibility. The Democrats have no moral credibility. They stand for the slaughter of children.

    • "Any country that accepts abortion, is not teaching its people to love, but to use any violence to get what it wants."
      Mother Teresa

      "Abortion is advocated only by persons who have themselves been born."
      Ronald Reagan

    • Hey whip...most Liberals as well as Democrats are pro-abortion. In time they'll dwindle their numbers.

      The argument that the woman gets too decide whether or not to abort is BS. Obviously it takes two to make a baby. IF she knows who the sperm donor is then the sperm donor has a say as well. If not, then why is it okay for a woman that gets pregnant and goes full term and the sperm donor if she remembers who it was is required to help support the baby. You can't have it both ways!

    • America's version of the Taliban.

    • It is the RIGHT of the WOMAN to CHOOSE get it? It is not you! it is not me! How dare you or anyone impose your moral fascism and idiocy upon others, you who believe in less government interference. Yet you would have them don the role of moral arbiter and priest, um ! fascinating! No way Jose! In simple psychological terms, it is called cognitive dissonance. You cannot speak out of both sides of your mouth. Are you going to have "them no good ole blackies and of color retrograde evolution" apply for welfare with your dollars. Oops! Your against that now aren't you. When it comes to stock talk I respect your views but when it comes to racist, bigotry, misogynist views you and many other conservatives who think this post is a "Liberal view" are divinely F up that defies the imagination!

    • Self imposed genocide, only those children did not impose it on themselves.

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