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  • hcougar82 hcougar82 Sep 4, 2013 4:15 PM Flag

    Let's Be Honest Now...

    How many of the CLDX old timers took some money off the table today?

    I'll start: Not that I am an old timer (been in CLDX 18-months, but I hold 5,000 shares, 1/2 of my position at $23.90.

    Who is next?

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    • Heck no. I've got long term status in all m investment in CLDX now and none of it's coming off the table. We've waited too long for now. Why take it off when this period of time is what we've been waiting for? That's like going to a movie theatre to watch the movie and leaving after the opening credits.

    • STILL GOT some from 2003

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    • Im holding ~4K shares mostly in my ROTH IRA free and I say let it ride baby!

      Wow when PFE baled and she dropped to $2.50/share on September 7th 2010....heck I POSTED way back than too that I was buying back in my CASH accts and I think I converted all those $5+ shares to my ROTH IRA from my Reg IRA and took the tax hit that year too....was that smart hcougar or what? Did I do the right thing buying what OTHERS did not want when PFIZER baled..I rather doubt U were on board yet..were you?

      Is that what YOU would call TAX EFFICIENCY hcougar???

      ....cause I went to a little old cow college in MD. and got my degree in Business working day labour brick laying and such odd jobs....did lots of CASH work on the side too!!! Of course thats when Vietnam was raging and I was lucky to be in school....many of my friends were fighting marines in Asian jungles..some never came back...

      So I trimmed a few CLDX on the way up to $24 a little here a little there, but I still hold about 50% of my ususal CORE in CLDX! I did buy back some too at $18-19 last month....I said long ago..trim some but always HOLD a CORE in CLDX!

      Oh btw hcougar my first shares in CLDX were much like those 200 shares I bought the other day where YOU said I had little CONVICTION over the amount I bought...what the heck was it? Oh yeah OPK at 8.75 I think it was...wonder where my next 400 share of OPK will be...maybe $8.....than there will be that 800 share buy at $7.50 maybe...than of course I will make that last buy probably 1600 at $ I think you came here to learn how to BUY BIOS hcougar..welcome to BIO 101!

      Want to know how I knew to buy 4000 shares of TSRX at $4/share last year and hold for the Cubist buyout which btw Im apposed too..$13.50 + $2CVR=$15.50 total...its a bit light by $7!

      oh well Ill take it if I must!


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      • 2 Replies to frankfrazzano
      • Fraz, you once said that CLDX was one of your larger holdings. 4,000 shares x $23.90 = $95,600.

        Where is the rest of your $1 million dollar bio/pharma portfolio, or approximately $900,000 invested in? Let me guess, my bet is that your $1 million dollar bio/pharma portfolio claim is smoke and mirrors.

        Why the lies Mr. Frazzano?

      • Fraz, you know what happens when you assume things. Yes, my screen name was created this week. What does that have to do with anything. I've been in CLDX since March, 2012. I have been in OPK since last month. I profited handsomely with TSRX. Bailed at $14 while others like you said a higher bid was coming. Waiting 3-years for the $2 CVR, bad strategy. Been in PRAN when it was in the $3s. See how little you know Frank.

        Lastly, you are the one that bragged about managing your $1 million dollar BIO/PHARMA and let proclaim to the world about opening a $1,700 position in a stock I don't remember the name of. Do you like always like to embellish Frank?

        See, you really do not know of what you speak!

        Have a wonderful day!

    • I'm here from, probably, 2008 or 2009. Total 80k shares. The last purchase this year at $6...
      Not paying any attention to Syria or any other market fluctuation- CLDX is pure fundametnals play and from time to time I'm selling covered calls (now at November 31 and September 28) and naked puts (now at September 15 and November 17). If we clear $24 resistance we'll probaly go to $26-$27. If not then back to $20-$22. In any case I'm not selling at least until I see $35 or approval of something. The commercialization iss usually more tricky than just binary event or approval and moves the game to totally different field (from speculation about potential market to real number). Buyout talks may come close (or after) the approval and the price may jump as result to whatever number. IMO this is the point of time to sell at whatever price. Maybe it will be $35. Maybe $50 or $60. But, for now, it is still money on the table and patience will be rewarded. The problem with selling now is that you might not get chance to buy back at cheaper price. I've played this game with ONXX and SVNT and have learned my lesson- sometimes you need to hold and sometimes to fold...This one is former.

    • Let's be Honest Now... NOT a single share I will even consider selling prior to 45.00, most probably 100-150++ Why? It is analogous to saying sell Amgen at 10.00 in 1990. This company is one of the rarefied exception to the rule. It's fundamental are beyond solid; it's cash flow is good/very good and for the forseeable future will remain non-dilutive, even at another secondary AT RETAIL price (Ala December 2012); Partnerships are entirely at the cos discretion. Float is thin. Pipeline is ENORMOUS. Much more than meets the eye. #$%$ can one ask for. It is just a question of time and unfortunately world events which might its flow but not the enormity of its seminal Immunotherapeutic position and its valuation well in excess of 100-150+

    • 4 years, plus. Have taken nothing off the table.

    • I have a few thousand shares at a net cost of $0.00 to me, so I am holding these free and clear shares for higher prices. But my first $ made on this was ASCO 2010 so I have had a while to buy and sell. Just wish I would have kept the other 1/3 of my shares I sold in the last 18 months. 20/20 is as good as a swift donky kick at this point.

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    • my friend 18 mths is not an old timer. I remain all in for 10,500 shares. this one smells right for a long term hold. do you klnow what an UNA is? the real longs do.

    • I am with CLDX for 1 year and not going to sell my 42K stocks soon.

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    • I will not sell a share until we double from here.

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