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  • arpwaveitalia arpwaveitalia Sep 18, 2013 5:19 AM Flag

    ... question to Fraz regarding GNBT ...

    no ironic ... I had a look and realized the Co. is pretty close to BK ... but ... I noticed a couple of two internal transactions in June 2013 by the CFO Mr. Stephen Fellows amounting to 202k ... this is rather interesting Fraz... what do you really think about GNBT? ... which were your reasons to suggest this Co. which has one foot in the abyss?
    GLTA with CLDX ... we do have exiting days ahead of us ...

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    • arp wave GNBT is a #$%$ SHOOT for me..its the kind of BET not INVESTMENT where if Im right(been wrong before ok) I lose it all..for me its maybe $45K, but if Im right I could BE at .055/share which is pretty close trading around .032/share and after that Im in the BLACK!

      I bought GNBT thinking they have a good Oral Insulin product in Oralyn and it works well..its BUCAL INSULIN unlike MNKD which is INHALED! My hope here is that India w/ 1B people and an Epidemic of Diabetes will approve Oralyn soon and is available in India first...its a long ways off for approval in America! My ACE in the whole is AE 37 which is a vaccine in BC that rivals what GALE has in Neuvax and imo/Docs too may be better than Neuvax...the trouble is the Co. is IP strong and CASH POOR! Way too many DILUTED SHARES so a ReverseSplit is in the could be 1:25 easily imo but we shall see!

      I think they are far enough along in AE 37 in P-2 completed that a P-3 meeting w/ FDA that the RS is all but assurred and the SPIN OUT of AE and AE37 is next..they have found a shell co to re enter and now its execution.

      This could be done later this year imo IF the sp starts to move up on +++ news and I think Dr Mittendorf in Tx will present updated P-2 BC data in refractory BC that proves vaccination prevents re occurrence! The stock could pop on that news to .25 and than a RS could be done..the new sp would jump to $6.25 and they spin out AE, which we would own shares as a DIVI in the new company and old GNBT would trade on the NASDAQ again! Basically this is what GALE did a couple years ago when they were RXII and broke too! I own GALE btw because I believe like GNBT they have a strong RACE HORSE in the BC prevention/re occurrence space! BC vaccines even new experimental like CLDX-011(Glemba) will become mainstay TX!

      There are many IFs above and again its a BET Im willing to make...very risky for most people....CLDX much more safe!


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