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Celldex Therapeutics, Inc. Message Board

  • mymandon mymandon Sep 26, 2013 11:51 AM Flag

    Cramer picked Celldex and Called the Biotech Rally

    He deserves credit for recognizing the value here and supporting our homework here pointing out the virtues of Celldex's deep pipeline of targeted immunotherapies- some of which is vased on Nobel Prize winning research BTW. Celldex is the best pure play in the new frontier of biotech- targeted immunotherapies with companion diagnostics. Buy more Celldex. We are going higher gentlemen.

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    • Did Cramer 'pick' or 'cause' the rally...?

    • In reality Cramer had little to do with it as he only added visibility. The multiple trifectas were naturally intersecting and stars were aligning at $25.

      But I admit I was wrong about 3X3X3X3....its 3X6X3X???....visibility came earlier than expected due to Cramer.

      Its still undervalued. Do you need a PHD in Biostats to understand when all marketed products have NO sign of efficacy while 011 work remarkably well for high GPNMB TNBC, that our drug works?

      Good Luck


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      • Timing of all of the factors (science, clinical trials timing, funding, hiring, regulatory pathway, diagnostic equipment, investor buy-in, technicals, shorts breaking points, end of year September rebalancing, etc....) to intersect at a certain time and price was masterful.

        And to think 4Q is actually the catalyst.

        Never seen that happen before. Probably will never see it again.

        Was it all Marucci? Probably not. Was it Marucci plus all the right people he hired to make it happen? Yes.


    • Cramer had nothing to do with it. What do you thing the Money manager were sitting home waiting for Cramer to say it's OK now to invest. I bet he talked to many of the manager and they pulled his coat about CLDX. I work in the media business and believe me they only know if they are told about it. Many are to busy patting themself on the back.

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      • I know . . I personally believe it's the intellectual property rights at 100% across the board on not one, but two high probability of success targeted immunotherapies with companion diagnostics. It doesn't take a PhD to figure it out or a market guru to announce what Celldex has here is something special, but you have to admit that Cramer calling Celldex the biotech pick of ASCO last year had to make you smile . . . . even if market overall) was running at least 18 months behind the power curve (or were they . . .) as we saw it here.

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    • why does Cramer dererve credit for having his MINIONS scour Message boards and finding sp correlations?

      the ones who DESERVE CREDIT here are people like LV who give REAL SCIENCE!


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      • franciscor Sep 27, 2013 12:41 AM Flag

        I give credit to you all. As a newb here I keep learning everyday from reading these conversations...I found out about cldx from another board. Sure glad i bought some shares. the only thing i dont understand is "puts" and "shorts". I should of been investing in biotech from the beginning instead of mutual funds. Ever since i got laid off, i rolled over 2 401k's and 1 pension into an ira account. At first i only invested in mutual funds from black rock. then like an idiot i bought some apple shares, thats where i learned never let emotion get involved with your trading. Being an apple lover, buying apple stock made me loose $12 grand :( Then i found out about this board, learned about biotech, and recovered my losses from apple. Even though i don't have a large ammount of money in my portfolio i still cant get over how much profit i've gained from pbyi and cldx. I made 30 grand with pbyi and 20 grand with cdlx...just amazing...thanks to you all.

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      • He deserves credit because he called it ahead of a huge run up. There are more than a few here long before this that I agree deserve credit for being in ahead of the game too and to the extent they put their money up behind the rhetoric, they too have profited very handsomely as a result. Kudos to all longs here - new or old- because most of the upside is still ahead. Buy more Celldex.

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