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  • jerky_boy_frank_rizzo jerky_boy_frank_rizzo Oct 4, 2013 8:04 AM Flag

    Hey right-wingers hows shutting down the government to defund Obamacare working out for ya? hahahaha

    Obamacare is up and running, 800 thousand working families forced to stay home with no pay, boehner knows he screwed the pooch by letting cruz lead him around by the nose, and the GOP is taking the hit BIG TIME

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    • IDIOT! This is the CLDX board! Take your low information/uninformed politics elsewhere!!!

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    • The GOP has become the party of intransigence. Very sad to see how inept and inconsequential they have become. John Boehner is a joke.

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      • Just sad they are able to drag our wonderful country down with them. Want to shoot yourself - fine, that's on you...killing all of your neighbors on the way out , though...not okay. Makes me sick. So, we got into an arguement with a Tea Partier infront of theWright Brothers Museum yesterday. You can pull off 158, into the entrance, but not into the parking lot - it's roped is Bodie LH, Cape Hattersas LH, Ocrakoke LH, Fort Raleigh...anyway, she was complaining about the closure and my wife said, 'yep, thanks a lot tea party.' ...this is when we learned that 1. she is tea part. 2. she has no idea what the tea party is about. My guess is that most TP voters have no idea what the TP politicians are about. This shutdown is the TPs greatest feat. Embrace it if you are one of them. I may think it sucks, but they pulled it off, ao kudos, I guess. TP politicians are celebrating. TP voters should too. This is what you wanted. Embrace it.

      • Oh yea, I feel the same way about BHO, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi. My point, we are devoid of any real leadership and bipartsianship in Washington. The likes of Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and Hillary Clinton are not the answers to what ails both parties.

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