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  • agogoidbe agogoidbe Oct 8, 2013 4:00 AM Flag

    Republicans tanking the economy

    The republicans portray themselves as the "party of business" when in reality they have been causing risk in the American economy to explode. This, all in an attempt to make Obama look bad.

    Give it up Republicans, you are hurting the United States and its people. it seems that republicans only care about the big mouthed teabaggers in their district that are likely senile frustrated pedophiles.

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    • Idiot! This is the CLDX board! Not the low information voter board!

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    • That is quite a fictional piece you posted, agog.

    • wow agoo resorting to name calling..sure sign the libs have now officially lost it over BHOcare and other we are now....likely senile frustrated agoo I think thee PROTEST tooooo muchhhh!


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    • BHO does not need Republucans to try and make him look bad..HE LOOKS PRETTY LAME ALL ON HIS OWN....even the libs are now THROWING BHO under the Bus! This POTUS shoots himself in the Foot daily..the latest salvo is change the name of Redskins cause Native Americans are angry..thats BS..the only thing Native Americans care about today is their CASINO WINNINGS!

      Teabag Party people like me POINT OUT THE TRUTH....libs w/ heads in the sand are even now wising up...whats the Price Tag on BHocare..from saving $2500/year, which he promised!!!

      ... to costing $7500/year on what a liar the POTUS is...he RAN on lowering cost...not TRIPLING it up!!!!!

      You get what YOU pay for ago.....


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