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  • eduardohernandez128 eduardohernandez128 Oct 15, 2013 6:37 PM Flag

    I see not much changed on CLDX board

    There is still more political talk here than talk about CLDX the stock/investment. I am still lurking here, still thinking of when to get back in here. I have invested heavily in HALO at the moment and still feel like Halo will get to $20 before CLDX gets to $40. I do still feel like CLDX will succeed in a big way and I plan on being back, really just checking in on everyone and seeing that everyone is still mad at the other half. How about those Republicans and Democrats, both pointing the finger at one another and getting nothing done, shame on them both for not putting the country first! Also enjoying the MLB playoffs, sorry about your Rays and Orioles, Rays/Frank, maybe next year, just like my Mariners and Giants! The Mariners, maybe next decade!

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    • would be safer for the World and the US Economy if Congress would play with gasoline and fire instead of mucking with our markets.

      The unexpected run to $38 made many of us thinking what if I had completely held on.....but it's never a bad move to take some money off of the table when things are good. Welcome back and good luck Ed. about them Astros!!??

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    • the good of the country is to not be in debt ESPECIALLY via social service programs which destroy the middle class

      social security 80 years + and failing is one example

      if it were a company it would be out of business

    • Ed, good to hear from you again. I started buying back in today. But still hold cash to buy more if things get out of hand this week.

      You sound fairly certain about HALO, maybe I will look it up.

      Yes, my Rays did not look like themselves in the Playoffs. Lots of errors, and they can't win like that.

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      • Halo off to great start today and CLDX looks like coming back. I wish I would have kept CLDX for two more weeks, I missed $500K if I would have kept through $38 and then sold. Oh well! My HALO is now close to where I was with CLDX, but not all the way back yet. HALO has faster way of getting to pancreatic cancer and has some very good results early. Has EU approval and already has many partners in place, like Roche, Baxter and a few others, check it out. I bought in at $9.85, today it is at $11.23 at this writing.

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