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  • temporal Oct 24, 2013 1:24 AM Flag

    Just ordered 140 additional shares to execute when the market opens Thursday, sight unseen. I'm rebuilding my position as I sold during the

    downturn. Didn't see the downturn as a problem with CLDX in any way (obviously it wasn't. It was gov't shutdown, panic, manipulation and consolidation) but eventually it got to the point where I was panicking because I had so much on margin and was getting margin calls I couldn't cover. However, I've already bought close to 2/3's of it back. The additional 140 shares will take me yet even a little closer to what I had and will afford me even more margin (to buy even more) as CLDX continues to go up. I strongly doubt we will see another downturn like that that we just saw this last couple of weeks. CLDX showed its strength, in many ways, against many superficial and hollow, meaningless obstacles working against it. All the "bad" was cleared out through that downturn I feel. All stocks have ups-and-downs but I strongly believe CLDX has matured past any big drops like it just saw. This is a good and healthy and solid stock and will -- regardless of momentary ups and downs -- continue to go up -- and go up substantially -- very substantially -- in the long run. Gravy: Even with all the downturn and my panic and (temporary) selling out I still had substantial profit at all points along the way -- yes, the majority of the profit that I gained for awhile, but, even at that still had SUBSTANTIAL profit (even at its worst I still had substantial profit from CLDX), THAT'S how strong of a performer this is. Even at its relative "loser" moments it out-performs most everything out there. Amazing

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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