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  • neshua10 neshua10 Oct 28, 2013 2:24 PM Flag

    The pattern of this trading is too identifical day in and day out for the last week+ I bet you it is one large hedge

    fund. Although daunting, it is just a bit too cutesy. Clears the path for extremely large buys at bargain prices.
    Yes, they are expanding cohorts, Rindo/Avastin to single arm based on the extremely favorable indications thus far per Marucci last quarterly and they are giving not one but to CC immediately following presentations, and one of the presentation as Longvrts reminded all is an oral presentation at SNO. Yes come and speak, you are one of the few who will be giving an oral presentation due to the dishonesty, depravity and poor to mediocre results of your CDX-1127 trial. YEP F GIVE me a break. This would be an excellent time for a secondary to come in at 2.00 or so above the 23. 200M purchase at 25.00 to F all you naysay myopic idiots and intentional humorous a-- le shorts to death!

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    • BS. Nothing is ever a slam dunk in biotech investing and nobody is saying that is the case, but there is no signal whatsoever Celldex will disappoint. We've been here before just 11 months ago- market selling off in huge head fake to good news and huge run. This year there will be multiple catalysts pushnig up pps to new 52 week highs by end of the year. I said $60 by year end. I'm sticking by it. I'm more confident than ever and bought more in this dip. Buy more Celldex.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Why do you keep pumping the idea of a secondary offering. Company management has stated on numerous occasions that it has the necessary liquidity to fund operations for the foreseeable future! Or perhaps you don't believe what company management tells you as well.

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      • Cute, spoken like a short, so it will prompt response that follows. They need the cash as they have 100% ownership on the entire pipeline and desire (their words) to keep it as close as possible to that. Secondary indications are negotiable, and as you know there are mucho. They will of course as most cos need it sooner than later, as trials are advancing rapido! So end of first quarter 2015 latest and/or partnership on some indications

    • neshua10, good job on maintaining your objectivity. Here is to hoping you are right but for you to think that the upcoming catalysts are a slam dunk is foolish. I just hope for your sake that you don't have more money in CLDX than you can afford to lose.

      With all due respect, your statement lacks a true understanding of how risky investing in biotechs can be.

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      • No matter used I did not would ever use the often vapid idiot phrase, "slam dunk" it is similar to "awesome." The trial data, the enrollment; the indications for Rindo/Avastin to a single treatment cohort. The intellectual property alone is worth more than the market cap of 1.9B. This is bargain basement for a company that is so probable in approval in numerous areas based upon the data to date, some of which as you know is extraordinarily outstanding. However, I guess from your hifalutin' perspective the investors on teh seoondary last December of 90M+ at close to retail price (NO DISCOUNT, NO DILUTION) virtually unheard of, were simple analysts trying to "make it look better than it was." ? LOLOL

      • Thats right cougar, scare them short. I don't think Neshua is going to fall pray to your concerns.

        One thing is for sure, we don't know what direction Celldex stock price will immediately go, as we have seen the stock price drop on a previous erroneous interpretation. That said, Celldex will no longer be so careless with media releases going forward, as too much real money is now invested and at stake, and they would pay a price too high if they screwed it up . I don't think things will be mishandled, and I don't think the results will be lackluster, but until we know, let the games continue.

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