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  • mymandon mymandon Oct 28, 2013 7:42 PM Flag

    Cramer is wrong about Celldex.

    So Cramer "discovered" the high value of the innovative pipeline, state-of-the-art immunotherapy development platform and unique business case position of Celldex in the spring touting it as the best of ASCO, but somehow has lost faith before even any of the catalysts that are the reasons to own the stock have materialized?? #$%$. I predict Jim will be back with glowing recommendation before the end of the year. Buy more Celldex.

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    • Two weeks before he said take profit from CLDX he said to buy CLDX. What I've learned from Cramer and SA articles is, BUY when they say SELL and SELL when they say BUY.

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    • Exactly !

      Looking back at his should EXACTLY the opposite. Most folks know that by now...

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    • I don't believe he tied hi initial tout of CLDX to ASCO at all. In fact, CLDX was NOT an ASCO star -- we all knew that updates woudl come late this year, not from and at ASCO.

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    • Will, Cramer also found his fortune with another company I had invested in years ago called RAE systems. Without going into the details of RAE, Cramer and his followers caused a bubble and burst in which I regret not selling my shares at the time. Overtime, the CEO and founder of RAE took the company private leaving stock holders with pennies on the dollar.

      I trust that CLDX is not following the same path, else I would have sold at $38 and been very happy. But like many on this forum, I believe in CLDX and expect we will be rewarded for our faith; regardless of opportunistic xxxholes likes Cramer.

      anglesm in san jose

    • really. I kinda like the guy, he's funny and all but when it comes to his recommendations he changes like the wind. when it was 28 he said don't sell. was correct there but never said to sell until it made its round trip up to 37 and back below his 28 'don't sell' call. now sell at 23? lesson: biotechs are a trade until approval or buyout.

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      • Your sequence of events are quite accurate. The guy did NOT even bother taking a look that when he said SELL SELL SELL like a moron,these biotechs, that CLDS had already taken the damn hit.
        SO he was in effect saying "sell" Cldx at a price that was already a point for him to come back and actually make AN APOLOGY, "Sorry folks we were off on this one, upon further review by our team this is much stronger than we considered at first, so this has a lot of room for further price appreciation", but now fast forward five days later with pie on his face (not knowing to what extent) he was saying SELL at precisely the point he made an apology and was saying to continue to buy and hold! And now he continues he's stupidity! WHAT A F a----s someone needs to expose him

    • That is how Cramer and his ilk play the game. Suck all the lemmings in with his bullish call on CLDX and then pulls the rug out from underneath. I called weeks ago!

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      • Really Cougar,?! Really? Tat tat, you know better than that. Can the converse be true? Suck lemmings into selling, eh? The fact is and you know as well as I do, that literally several days prior, Cramer said, folks, we were a bit short-sighted, upon further review with our staff here, this bodes to be a huge biotech, their pipeline is more phenomenal than we first realized?" I am paraphrasing but it is 100% accurate in line with what he said! Which is amazing for the following two reasons:
        His formal apology that there is tremendous room here for upward momentum and 2) It was sitting
        at around today's price. Bottom line he is a phony. Nothing in terms of fundamentals changed within a period of several days. NADA! Comprende?! WHat chnaged and his comments came after the fact, was that the entire sector began to sell-off a few days later. So he looked bad. Now he looks like hero, Fact are facts the DD speaks for itself. And he like the clown a - le he is did likewise!

      • I take you off ignore for one post and look at you, talking your usual bs.

        I'll give you my number, it's 1. Visualize it by picturing my middle finger extended straight up facing you.

        Are you getting a visual, hot shot?

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