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  • frankfrazzano frankfrazzano Nov 1, 2013 7:06 AM Flag

    If you like your Plan you can keep your Plan...

    if you like your Doc you can keep your Doc, if you like your Hospital you can keep your Hospital...bho 2008-2013...

    NOT for 1,000,000 so far kicked off their Plans due to the ACA we learn that at least 90,000,000 Plans will be out by 1/1/2014 of compliance again due to ACA regs...

    so how many signed up for Barrycare in the USA all 50 states?

    Day 1.......6 people signed up w/ 20,000,000 hits....
    Day 2....100 people
    Day 3....258 people

    How many went to the Medicaid Button and signed up for ***FREE*** Medicaid instead?

    270,000 people...FREE and 364 will be paying Premiums....WHAT A COUNTRY!

    Now wonder NO ONE leaves and they Risk Life and Limb to get here....

    Wow so let me get this straight...

    THE POTUS said we could keep our Plans----He LIED!!
    THE POTUS said we could keep our Docs----He LIED again!
    THE POTUS said we could keep our Hospitals----again HE LIED!
    The POTUS said the ACA would make HC affordable---again HE LIED!

    Does this POTUS know how to tell the TRUTH?

    November 2014 can not get here soon enough!


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    • If you like your President ... thank God you can't keep him for another four years.

    • Oh and BY THE WAY.... what is the GOP Alternative to ACA (OBAMACARE) ?

      • 1 Reply to repubs_grasping_for_straws
      • HSAs(Tax Ded. Health Spending Accts) so PAY YOUR WAY first and foremost!

        When people PAY for Something they tend to check their Hospital Bills, Doctor Bills, Drug Bills and make sure all is on up and up..CURRENTLY no one checks their Bills because their Service is FREE!

        Force Insurers to Provide Coverage Interstate... Competition/Potability by Law will change the dynamic!

        Offer all people the Right to coverage but the Insurers also have right to TEST BLOOD and URINE!

        If U test + for Dope or HIV or GC the basic panel they use...than tough Titties! I personally do NOT want to pay for YOU anyways w/ that PRE CONDITION...soon they will be able to use Gene probes so if the Cancers and Lupus and AZ among us want to be covered than you better get Grandfathered in now!

        Read the 10 Commandments, PRACTICE THEM DAILY and get cleaned up if U want the RIGHT to Buy HC Insurance! Notice I said RIGHT to Buy..affordable HC is a Right imo but those that offer HC have the right to deny too! Its not fair to them or to us who are HEALTHY, eat right, drink little ETOH and do not smoke to pay for those who ABUSE!

        All others I would suggest SUICIDE or come to Jesus and hope Charity will be there!

        There is NO FREE RIDE anymore in the USA..thats what the TP is all about!

        This turnip has had all teh Blood squeezed out...there aint NO MO!


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    • If the company you are purchasing the health insurance from decides to drop its plan, there's nothing you can do about it.

      You can't force the company to continue to give you substandard insurance now can you?

      • 2 Replies to repubs_grasping_for_straws
      • they dropped plans because the ACA regs disqualified them based on pre ACA rules/regs. Those people who are Insured in dropped Plans are offered new coverage but at higher Costs and Deductibles..all because STANDARDS are now upped to cover DRUG ABUSE,BIRTH CONTROL, HOSPITALIZATION, MENTAL HEALTH, etc..these are all new coverages that many people DO NOT WANT!

        Why should I pay for Drug Abuse(others) when Im clean?

        Why should I pay for Maternity when Im male, unmarried and plan on NO children?

        Why should I pay for Hospitalization when Im Healthy and was never admitted...maybe I budget for that w/ Cash Set Asides and I do not want it in my Plan....its NOT FAIR that teh FEDS FORCE our Coverages on us and it will NOT STAND!



      • as the saying goes if it is not broken do not fix it,,, there was nothing wrong in the past with all the policies that are being dropped, I know Obamacare says they have to meet certain guidelines now, I wonder how those came about and who really worked on those guidelines,,,,, the insurance companies are going to win big

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