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  • eduardohernandez128 eduardohernandez128 Dec 11, 2013 5:46 PM Flag

    Rays said it best

    Who are we to judge when an officer of a particular company sells their shares and/or options? Everyone has different financial concerns, interests and tax implications. We may not like their timing because the stock is down. I bet there is not a single mutual fund that sold any of their positions because an officer sold some shares or options. This downturn to CLDX has everytning to do with the overall market and state of the BIOTECH sector, which got hammered today. This lost $4 or so in share price from a week or so ago will be recovered in due time. Everyone here will sell , buy or hold based on their own desires, just like the officer (s) that sold some of their shares/expiring options. For now I am holding my 37K shares.

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    • I have one answer to that....Pete Cartwright, Ann Curtis of Calpine sold shares the last year before declaring BK, stock was 57 dropped to nothing in eight month. All the time they said just planned sales, retirement planning, then a big fiasco after Thanksgiving '07, the founder Cartwright is dismissed by John Doer of Chevron on the CPN board, "you have twenty minutes to make a presentation to keep your job". Cartwright fired, the Rosetta gas fields took them down and Katrina gas prices, they lied over and over about the health of the company, selling their shares to lemmings and fools. I'm one of them, I believed them, I lost 456K because of their lying #$%$. They, they are all living in big houses in Atherton and Saratoga Calif. #$%$ Crookstreet, they liars and thieves most of them. Here's to you Bernie Madoff, Cripes, wake up, the CFO sold cause of fundamentals PERIOD, as the liar would say.

    • kscottposson Dec 11, 2013 6:58 PM Flag

      They f'd my family in order to support theirs! (CLDX). You are spot on about biotech's, they are out of favor, even the great ones got creamed today. because of the circumstances with cancer and family I bought into the CLDX KOOLAID STAND THEME!. Show me something that they have brought to fruition.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • Who are we to judge? Who said anything about judging. I view insider selling as a negative. If you want to view it otherwise Ed go ahead and do so! Don't insult my intelligence by telling me an insider selling over 90%of his VESTED, I repeat VESTED holdings, is a red flag!


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