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  • frankfrazzano frankfrazzano Jan 23, 2014 8:34 AM Flag

    Why Conservatives should nominate Dr Ben Carson to run against Hillary....

    ..all thats needed to KILL HILLARY is 17% of the Black Vote...if we nominate Dr Carson he will get 50% and we will win 2016 by a BLACK SWAN scandals for old Hillary to dig fact she will be on the defensive...sorry for the pun but Dr C is thick dark skinned and can take it... NO scandalous events can be dug up or even lied about as this man has saved 1000s of childrens lives by his Magical Hands and the steering Grace of our Lord Jesus while at Johns Hopkins over a lengthy and productive NS career!!!!

    Tell Dr Carson that he must run and we will HAVE HIS BACK!


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    • You know that your post recognizes Hillary Clinton's superiority as a candidate. I don't think Carson makes the cut either.

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      • what ago..that makes no sense unless you meant to say HILLARYS INFERIORITY!

        shes your ONLY candidate...there is NO OTHER electable LIB ago because all the STUPID WOMEN and a few MEN but very few MEN like her in this Country so many women mostly YOUNG and POORLY INFORMED see something in Hillary and than there is the Minority vote which sees a continuation of FREE STUFF.....that can be countered effectively by taking away the BLACK that is needed to sweep the country is 17%..if Ben Carson can not get 17% of the Black Vote and HOLD COURT on the conservative vote than we truly are in trouble in America and I will go 100% to GOLD!


    • You found a way to use them damn black hey. Keepin them keepin on happy with black on the skin! That simple! Yep. it is like putting on black-face and singing Mammy! LOL.

    • Dr. Carson is a great American and is a living symbol of opportunity in America. A great American and would be my choice for President. We would do a lot worse with the likes of Hillary. I can't believe any American, especially a liberal would even consider a Clinton...we are truly stupid! what a great role model she is, husband cheats, she stands by her man! How many liberal women would do that???? I recommend those who aren't familiar with Ben Carson to review his story and compare it to Olamo then ask yourself, who would be better for black and white americans.

    • You have one problem with Carson. If he becomes the Republican Candidate, election day will result in many southern conservatives staying at home warming the couch and watching TV. If Republicans choose him, you will have a big problem not only with electing him, but you might lose congress all together.

      Don't Republicans have somebody else that's more center, and doesn't fake conservatism like McCain and the private equity guy who's name I've forgotten...?

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Frank, You know I'm a BIG supporter of Dr. Carson and have something for you as well as everyone else to think about.

      IF they run Dr. Carson for POTUS the arguments will be that he has NO political background. Granted, I personally think that would be a HUGE plus. However, why not run him as a VP? Think about it...if they win we not only get him as VP for 4-8 years but we'd get him as POTUS for 4-8 years.

    • Frazz - I agree with your choice of Dr. Ben Carson for the Republican nomination for 2016 President. I believe he would to some extent nullify the liberal media attacks on Republican Presidential candidates because they will fear attacking a black person. I disagree with you that blacks will vote for him. Obviously he will get some black votes (more than Mitt), but most blacks who get free #$%$ are not voting for any conservative who wants to take their free #$%$ away from them.

    • Dr. Carson is a fine man, intelligent, compassionate, and probably has a good grasp of economics. But in a debate with Hilly, she'd tear him a new one. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to have him as president.. I just don't know that he has the experience to debate some of the issues at which Bill and Hilly are well schooled. Personally I'd like to see Mitt run again. I think he's learned a boatload about politics, and things may very well go differently on another go round.

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      • [But in a debate with Hilly, she'd tear him a new one]

        LOL..hed carve her up like a Neurosurgeon skilled in the removal of GBMs...she can not hold a candle to him intellectually or spiritually and the country is shifting AWAY fast from lib ideas..the RIGHT TO LIFE MARCH and 100,000s of Marchers in DC and NOT ONE WORD about it on Network news...this Country is moving away from what we now know FAILS like BHocare and she voted for it pushed it right along ever since the 1990s and now we see the FAILURE!

        Yur not serious and more like an agenda if U ask me obnox!

        Hes the FOREMOST NEUROSURGEON in the world and hes SELF MADE!

        would carve her a new Black hole so deep she would collapse upon its gravitational force!


      • would love either Ben Carson or Mitt run..….what worries me is this liberal thinking country we are really in trouble.

    • Franko, I second that one. Dr. Carson needs to be on the Republican ticket in 2016. What a man of great intellect and character. He may be America's last great hope, if it's not already to late, of turning back the clock on all of BHO's socialist anti-American programs.

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      • he would get my vote and nearly all of mt extended family....the al sharptons of this world would melt away!

        Hillary will be made to look very weak in his midst...she can not hold a candle to him nor 99.5% of the rest of us...hes very Electable and he would have BHOcare repealed nearly over night and MSAs would become the way we save for HC plans/premium and we go back to Insurers but w/ real major changes in portability and existing conditions...he stood up to BHO at that Prayer Breakfast and BHO cowered under was special!

        Now call me RACIST cause I like this BLACK MAN instead!


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