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  • long_vrts2 long_vrts2 May 8, 2014 1:16 AM Flag

    CLDX presentation at Deutsche Bank conference

    After today's presentation, the only thing that would be more obvious about the prospects of CLDX would be if Marucci called you on your cell phone, invited himself to your house and laid a certificate for 10k shares on your kitchen table as a gift...a gift that will keep on giving, into the $ million(s)...say "thank you", sit back and enjoy...

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    • Thank you Long. I'm tired of listening to these cry babies all day

    • Did anyone on this board actually listen to this CC? Why is there no discussion on substantive matters? They will have to iron some quant stuff out with the FDA in regards to GBA because of the nature of the tumor and how it appears on MRI. However, they are confident and building out a commercial structure.
      Varli will most likely be partnered, at least it seems to me.
      ASCO will present more data on Varli.
      Also by ASCO they will clarify where they will be going in terms of other combo treatments.
      Checkpoint inhibitors PD-1 plus Varli will be a killer combo most likely. They will also be combining 1127 and 1401 together.
      Creating new immune responses.
      Lots of new possibilities based upon results from phase 1 trial of Varli.
      1401 - target dendritic cells using the Medarex technology - increase humoral and cellular responses. After receiving 1401, PD-1 negative patients had a positive response to checkpoint inhibitor - in other words, 1401 is a priming agent.
      Timelines on all of this - by the end of the year a number of additional studies
      301 - activates growth pathway for various cells including dendritic cells by 50 fold; also generates hematopoetic stem cells for marrow transplant setting: occuring at end of 2015

      triple neg breast cancer: 400- 750 million dollars for the med
      unmet need in that space and in other cancers

      1127 - never give timing on when deals are done

      next early program coming out next year - TM1 oriented drug - file an IND and start phase 1 study next year

      vision of the company
      combination therapy; fully integrate the company and commercialize; never interested in collecting royalties; taking a slow but sure approach and just hitting our stride
      Rindo and Glemba have data to be single agents but Varli is most interesting as it can augment effects of many other agents out there right now

      Discovery platform: none per se but what we have the ability to do is make antibodies

      1401- NY-ESO - is a platform itself however. We have a technology

    • Every single entry you have made over the last 3 months regarding the trading of CLDX has resulted in you looking like a complete financial idiot.

    • Here something that could have been more obvious, ......the price not plunging.

    • Although this is the first non-analytic post from you, it is reassuring that you are also long with Celldex.

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    • I invested $million (s) in CLDX, and I lost $10k a day for the past 6 months, and you want me to say "what" to AM for my investment lost ??? if he comes to my house, I don't think my wife would let him walk out alive.. and that is a promise... LOL

    • Long, (and this is just an observation), if before CLDX management took position saying, "we'll keep low profile, our results will speak for themselves", a few weeks ago this mantra has changed totally- new PR person is hired, AM, seeking publicity whenever it is possible, and it looks like they're seriously concerned with s/p and trying to lift it closer to the secondary price ($24.5). This all seems to be steps into the right direction, but, so far, they're not working...
      My only hope that at ASCO (or ASH, or SNO) they will be able to put good spin on the current results...

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      • Institutional ownership is close to 90%, and the 2 biggest holders have added shares. Perhaps they are using some of their shares to short into a weak market and pick up some more shares at a lower pps- or just a make some profit from the short trade while waiting for upcoming catalysts.

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      • I think many speculative companies knew that Q1 was the best time to raise cash. I remember FireEye trading close to $95 at the start of March. Then management decided raise cash by offering shares at $84. It is now sitting at $28 literally less than two months on and they have been completely powerless.

        The point that I'm trying to make is that I don't think management of these companies have any say at all in share price movement. Especially when they have zero cash flow to back the stock in times like these through buybacks.

        Simple fact of the matter is that general market has ran way ahead of itself. When that occurs, rotation from speculative stocks start flowing toward valued stocks and any company without earnings is a speculative play until proven otherwise. That is the crossroad we're at right now. The scary thing is that market selloff hasn't really started yet.

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