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  • frankfrazzano frankfrazzano Jun 11, 2014 8:45 AM Flag

    Do you guys believe what happened to Eric Cantor in Virginia last night?

    I guess we are going to find out who David Brat is real soon!

    Shocking primary news...

    Look for FIREWORKS in other Primaries as Americans are FED UP w/ the status quo!

    out go incumbents!

    in comes new fresh blood, but can they make a difference?

    Well at least we now know Hillary was PLUM BROKE when they left the WH?

    Whats she smokkin, I want some?????

    that should go over real well w/ the 99% of us who know real debt/struggle?


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    • Seriously, #$%$ does this have to do with CLDX?
      Post your political Bollshite somewhere else.

    • Most Americans are against immigration and tired of the open borders. Even though Brat is Tea Party he won it by knocking on doors and actually talking to people. They took him for granted and thats the results.
      As for our girl Hillary, its almost a joke that she portrays herself as the average hard working person and doer of good for the average guy. lol.. thats a joke. I don't get the obsession with this woman. She did nothing as Sec. Of State. She gets 200k for a speech? Bill is worth at least 100 Million.

    • Amnesty is dead. The government needs to secure the southern border pronto. Many Americans are upset with the government, especially BHO, permitting, encouraging, tolerating and assisting illegal aliens coming to and settling in the United States. Have you read about the fiasco in Arizona, with BHO dumping illegal aliens off at bus stations rather than deporting them? I bet Cantor's softness on illegal immigrants played a large role in his defeat in the primary election.

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      • I can unequivocally tell you that the TALIBAN equivalent (although you cannot see the connection), that won last night in VA is not going to be isolated occurrence. However, it will only go so far before it is crushed by those like me and millions who will not tolerate this retrograde white trash misanthropic BS (and I am caucasion). You talk about the fiasco of AZ have you seen the complexion of those there and throughout this country. Do you really think that outside the rural red areas will convince those of muti-color background to sadomasochistically vote against themselves, humbly throw themselves before the alter of white antiquated racist #$%$! There's a WAR coming here; that is against the new breed of (even more) vigilant white racist terrorists (the exact mirror opposite image of the Taliban, the SAME) and that tyranny, terrorism and retardation is NOT going to win!

      • Now we are blaming BHO for the imigration problem? Pray tell what did GWB, Clinton, GHWB and all that went before BHO, do to fix the problem? Answer, zip!

        As long as you have gridlock in Washington, nothing will get fixed! We can't even get both sides of the aisle to speak to each other!

      • it absolutely did..hes seen hobnobbing w/ Gutierrez around the Country who is for complete absolution..its a scream..right now they are reporting 10"s of thousands of KIDS streaming into Arizona..its a NIGHTMARE..they have no parents w/ them its just teen agers from I guess central america but they are all ILLEGAL..Im christian and I believe in helping people but doesnt CHARITY BEGIN AT HOME FIRST?

        I mean we have VETS dying while waiting to get into our VAMCs and they actually fought WARS defending our FREEDOMS..I mean this is INSANE!

        I mean even Hillary($10M advance on book!) said she is plum broke..LOL and shes heir apparent to BHO who would be KING!

        The libs are a scream!

        This November is gonna be crazy!


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