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  • omarhatesyoutube omarhatesyoutube Sep 8, 2011 12:44 AM Flag

    CEO purchase summary: 123,674 shares and counting

    it is certainty an amount not to be ignored, but what i really want to know is the ceos annual salary, if someone would be kind enough to provide that info it would be much appropriated and a key part of my investment research on this company if i see a buy i will call it

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    • A corporation will always show the salaries in the 10K Annual report.

      Look for it under "executive compensation"

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      • annual salary of $200,000 dollars so he has invested more than his annual salary into the stock in the last few weeks, thats an extremely bullish sign, this would be a a clear buy signal except...

        there is one doubt that he may have done this under pressure form the board to save the stock and sell more shares... if this was a US company id be pounding the buy button, but i still have questions about the integrity of SPU

      • Hey, thought u might like to know that Seeking Alpha today ran a short story on insider purchases, mentioned SPU's ceo buying 10,000 shares. I took a quick count, and came up with about 130,000 shares purchased in the last 30 days and commented on the article. It's on Seeking Alpha, Sept 15th, titled "7 insider buys......Wouldn't hurt to add some comment to mine. I also mentioned that other insiders are also buying chunks, noone is selling, and the CEO invested about 18 mos salary in the last 30 days.

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