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  • grfulsted41 grfulsted41 May 31, 2014 3:21 PM Flag

    If the CEO is selling why would you be buying?

    This stock has been one of my best stocks ever bought on the rise shorted it coming down. Thanks to briefing I cleaned up on this stock. So now what? I still haven't covered my short position after earnings. Perhaps I am getting to greedy. My gut says downward spiral continues. Company is still negative and CEO unloaded a big stash. If the CEO is not optimistic there is nothing warm and fuzzy about investing in this company. Is there any reason to be optimistic on this company?

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    • ok... lets say you started a company and it has made you a lot of money. A LOT OF MONEY. You own 509,690 shares of that company at roughly 45 dollars a share. You want to take some of that money for your own personal use and buy yourself a well deserved doohickie of your choice. What do you do? Fact.... Godfrey owned 509,690 shares and now owns 469,690 shares. He sold 40,000 shares at roughly 45 dollars for a nice treat of 1.8 MILLION STINKING DOLLARS .... Don't be jealous. Fact.... He is still the majority shareholder in the company and the company still owns 30% of the shares. So what if he sold 8% of his shares? #$%$, I would too. How else is he going to buy that big assed boat hes always wanted? Now him and Larry Ellison can sit off the coast of Monaco in international waters together smoking those fat Cuban cigars (although Larrys boat is MUCH MUCH MUCH BIGGER). Godfrey is very optimistic about a company that is profoundly changing forever the way we look at data.

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      • I can't say the timing is right but I took the ride up shorted all the way down. I think I will hold short until it hits 43 and it is bon voyage and shall find my next big winner. Only saving grace for this company is the market is good. I am betting a three dollar cat bounce Monday.

      • Good stuff.. Relative new to the stock, which means I don't have too much of a loss and bought some yesterday... Re-read all the articles in Barrons and research reports that I could find. In essence, these stocks are just our favor on certain days.... So, I think, it will reverse somewhat next week, but heck what do I know... Anyway, here is my big point right now, the best money is made on out of favor stuff, and I think there will be a day when this stuff comes around. It could next week or next month or I really doubt it, next year, but it will move... The final point that I will make is that, what could change the sentiment in a hurry is a merger by one of the other or "older" tech. companies into a new tech company. That would validate the value and send these shares flying...

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