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  • derwood_kohfer derwood_kohfer Mar 13, 2009 12:57 PM Flag

    Enormous Instant Inside Dumping In February And Again In March

    Show us the genesis of this supposed "plan" to avoid inside selling laws. It is more like a scheme. But the end result is the same: insiders dumping in massive amounts and pocketing the proceeds. Markets have taken the cue big time and look at this pig sinking like a stone. perhaps you are saying the inside dumping does not matter because it skirted the rules somehow. Therefore you must believe the move from 52 to 36 is deserved in fundamental grounds. Fine . It doesn't help then when enormous insider dumping is recorded 2 DAYS BEFORE EARNINGS AND A WEEK AFTER.

    End of story. FE stock has been screwed pal. Enjoy your continued pumping and support of management self-enrichment schemes as the stock beelines for the 20's. There might be some kind of weird moral victory for you there lol

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