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  • powerbeatsforce powerbeatsforce Dec 1, 2010 9:53 AM Flag

    Looks Like Casino style Market action this week

    Drops and Pops. A trading position is sounding better all the time.

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    • Wall,
      Amen to getting shaken out, ive been there too. Always ask yourself why you bought the stock in the first place before selling at a loss. unless of course if your just trading ticker symbols then they may as well be all widget companies. Actually SD is looking attractive at these levels. i'll keep an eye on that one for a spec play.

    • Texas, You're right one or two days doesn't tell the whole story look at today! Wow feeling much better. I usually end up stopping myself out of decent stocks for fear of losing too much. Sorry about the cowboys like I said Denver not doing too hot for me this year either. FE should get lots of airtime tonight if you are into basketball Lebron is coming back home. The whole town (cleveland) is going nuts. LOL None of these athletes are loyal anymore. Gone are the days of Aikman, Irvin, Elway, etc. Good luck to you have a good one. Same to you Power.

    • Power, Im trying to get my trading groove back after getting smacked buy buying SD....great company with terrible mgmt.

      I think your strategy of accumulating FE at these levels is smart and adding on pull backs is a good idea. I really think if we have a strong market next year, this stock could see mid 40's by the middle of the year, and we can collect a few divy's along the way.

      I dont understand the bio's...but if I were to buy them, im sure it would be a PFE or MRK, again I like divys.

      The only other stock ive been buying the last few months is GASS. Go to and check them out. Read some of the reports, especially the one from that says the stock is selling for less than the scrap value of the fleet minus debt. GASS is a very SPECULATIVE position I own, 4K shares @ 4.63

    • cowboy, nice groove you got going. good luck man. I started at 500 share position at 35.60. about a month ago. yea they were a few time i could have sold for profit, but i am trying to build a long position for div.of 1K shares in this sector. im looking to start a groove thing myself. anybody in biotech you looking at?

    • Wall_Street, I dont even want to venture a guess on daily movement of this stock.
      I do know the underlying fundamentals are good on this stock. Low forward P.E. of 11 and a sustainable high yield.
      Remember just because a stock is down for the day doesnt meen that it doesnt have positive inflows of money. I bought XOM 4 months ago at 59.50 and it was continually going down, but it was having a positive inflow of money on down ticks.....its now 71 and change. I think the same thing is happening to FE, its being accumulated.

      Football? Between the Cowboys and Longhorns, im ready for this season to be over.

    • FE is fun to trade.....if it goes up you make money, if it goes down you hold and collect the divy.

      Also today is pay day. Ill be getting my $1,100 divy. today in my etrade account.

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