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  • takemeserious2004 takemeserious2004 Sep 16, 2013 11:51 AM Flag

    When NGas triples in price the democrats will get the blame.

    In 10 years when electric bills sky rocket and obama cares bankrupts America ,the next depression will be brought to you by the radical epa & democratic party.

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    • Nat Gas will unlikely triple, AND the WILLING PRESS will never do IT"S JOB, or look, with the proper skeptic eye, at The Affordable Care Act (OBAMACARE), and realize it's TRUE cost. (in terms of lost jobs, reduced hours, and benefit reduction). They will instead congratulate one another, and step up to accept their false honors and accolades, (just like actors and educators) they will overvalue their contributions. They will feel the hollow satisfaction of having trounced the 'tea party' right, and the sensible left. They will, for a very short time, have a sense of satisfaction as though they had performed a service to us all, while not realizing their own complicit behavior has only helped to end the 'charity' and 'kindness' and 'humanity' that is offered 'at no cost' by simple 'hard-working' rugged individuals.

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      • FE's 'enlightened' and 'politically correct' response to a government push toward 'Green Energy' has resulted in the closing of at least three coal-fueled power plants... But the 'Ripple-Effect" is that several W.VA towns will cease to exist. Many will end up on welfare and food-stamps, While alternative sources of energy are sought, most will never be profitable, and several will be dependent on "Feed-In-Tariffs" or 'gov't seed money'... the much sought electric cars will ultimately be dependent on Fossil Fuel or Nuclear-generated power sources in order to operate, and their carbon footprint will be larger ;by comparison' than their fossil-fueled predecessors, Hopefully this will make the 'green-energy proponents' feel better about themselves!! Perhaps they will take up a collection for displaced coal-miners and their families. One spent fuel rod takes 100,000 years prior to being safe for exposure to humans.

    • that phony war in Iraq didn't cause you any debt?? oh that's right--it was paid for by tax cuts
      free medicare prescriptions--no problem/thank you W and gop congress
      LARGEST expansion of GOVT since FDR--that T S A is tax money WELL spent--where did TSA come from??--oh that w guy but thats ok
      he knew how to get bang for his buck--lets make the post office endorse lance armstrong--nice job w
      no child left behind--well you make at least 1 that was

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      • "Phony Iraq War"?..Granted Iraq was a questionable call. However, you cannot have such a traumatized memory that you can deny that the entire 'house' and 'senate' and 'executive branch' came to the same conclusion......And that 'in the end' the people of Iraq found enough to dislike about Udai, Kusai, and Saddaam, as to destroy their tyrannical regime. You perhaps forget sitting in front of your TV, watching scud missiles falling on Israeli targets. Perhaps the beheading of Danial Pearl has slipped your mind. Perhaps the image of Jimmy Carter's embarrassing failed attempt to free American Hostages from an Iranian compound has faded in your memory.. There were alot of things about 'W' that I disagreed with, however, I cannot think of ONE that Obama has not 'doubled-down' on....

      • Then why hasn't your hero stopped the war? Or stopped the spending? Or done anything remotely Presidential? Oh, that's right. We elected a street hustler who has never even run a pizza joint let alone a government.

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