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  • ridingsoloralph ridingsoloralph May 28, 2009 8:03 PM Flag


    Unless the Tribes are going to be the ones to help bail out Empire now, I don't see what good it is to post the article. I don't feel comfortable right now with my holdings because the lack of any news regarding the money due to the Bank of Scotland It's so late in the game here and there seems as if there is not light at the end of the tunnel. What are your thoughts and serious posts only, no crap please.

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    • Empire nor cappelli were in attendance. No news about bos. If they had settled with them there would be news out this morning to bump the stock up. Bondholders intend to redeem in july. Numbers at racino way down. Memorial weekend sucked for them the flea market saw more action than the slots. Market is getting glutted. with slots cappelli can't get financing concord project shut down permentaly only direction for empire is down down down.

    • "Hey Charlie this is Lars over here in Scotland" " Listen...take your it out, and we'll talk in another 6 months".
      "truth is....we're just as broke as's like pissing down wind, and shitting up wind"
      " if we piss on you, we shi t on ourselves !"

    • In my opinoon,most likely we haven't got news yet because insiders haven't informed their friends yet how to play the stock ahead of the news.

      As for the Bank of Scotland? you have to figure that all issues of indebtedness will get worked out in a comprehensive restructuring plan. I'm curious as to prioirty on the assets between the bondholders and the Bank of Scotland.

      Basically, if Empire can somehow manage to secure a deal woith bondholders and the bank that provides for a sweet deal fro unsecured common shareholders, thent the stock will move higher. Personally, I think there will be a lot of new shares issued in order to give the bondholders control of the company. Depends where you stand. The longs here believe that bondhodlers are going to protect the intersts of existing common shareholders. This may or may not be true, but we will see soon. One thing is for sure, they lose oeny every quarter, even in the summer, so if someone does make a substantial invesmtment and pays a sweet premium for the shares, then its likely they are doing it for indian gaming. Longs even know that the racetrack is DOA unless they get real gambling up there. its a very depressing beaten down area with lots of crime and poverty.

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