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  • boxcompany1 boxcompany1 Jun 6, 2013 2:49 PM Flag

    New Monticello Resort

    The area while only 90 mi from NYC is vastly different. It's mountain type country & far colder.
    Winter storms are frequent & unpredictable, lots of snow, ice & fog.Driving is treaherous.Old time
    resorts make ends meet..Summer is fine. Scenic & pretty& refreshing climate. Big
    expensive resorts need big crowds.It ain't gonna happen 6 mos of the yr. Hugh Hefner built a
    Playboy Club in the 70's about 35mi away.Beautiful place. nice golf course, resturant, skiing. It
    was a financial disaster.Anybody spend big money to buid taking huge risk.Malaysia it's not!

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    • OMG I actually agree with most of your comments. That is scary !!! Ya, I recall the Playboy Club in Great Gorge. Was a beautiful place; and yes, a financial disaster. Generally, in its heyday, in the 1950's to early 1960's; the Catskills was a place to go basically from July 4th to Labor Day; it was close to being a ghost town, even in its hey day, after Labor Day.

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      • Thanks for the support. Those grand hotels were built as early as pre-WW1 .By the 1950's
        they were really starting to show their age.The best one was the magnificent Grossingers.
        Jenny G. spared no expense to continuosly maintain & upgrade. As you know it's still going
        ok as a condo. Bur to duplicate it today, which is more or less what the plans call for would be
        fantastically expensive. A gambling operation would,of course be a must. But with the short
        summer season, IMHO, they could never produce a profitable operation. Honestly I don't think
        these hicks know their a-- from a hole in the ground. The State of NY really blew it.
        THirty years ago it might have been a different story.Bring backmore more memories?

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