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  • mountaindale66 mountaindale66 Nov 14, 2013 5:16 AM Flag

    Logically the Concord fiasco makes no sense

    Welcome aboard new bagholders. Looks like with the heavy volume of late we have some new shareholders; at least for the time being. My prior experience in owning this was called Alpha Hospality back is well detailed. Basically, I took quite a bath in Alpha Hospality when I was lured into believing they could execute a casino business. Of course it was just another illusion; a pipe dream. So here we are; several years later; two reverse splits later and basically the song remains the same. So you can choose to swear by my story or swear at me. After all, this is a forum. To say I dislike this company would be saying it mildly. A few months ago , for a split second I thought about buying some NYNY shares in the low 2's to try and recover some of my losses from the Alpha Hospality days but then logic and bad memories told me no. The more things change the more they stay the same; some new suits but the same old story; illogical ideas. When you think about it in essence NYNY gave some 22 milion shares to KH in exchange for $50 million. And basically NYNY utilized the $50 million to stay solvent and "remodel" the Big M racino. Suffice it to say, if they spent tens of millions of dollars to remodel the Big M they may want to ask for a refund from the contractors. So now, after eating up millions in "renovations" to the Big M and issuing 22 million shares to KH they want to basically scrap the big M and move on to a $300 million plus Concord pie in the sky. To the newbies; logically, from a business standpoint; it makes no sense; but it just goes with the terrority and track record of this delusionary company. Failed riverboat casinos; failed Indian tribe alliance; failed plans with Capelli, lawsuits and more lawsuits; what a farce; consider yourself forewarned; do your due dilligence. Peace out.

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