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  • bruceleedominator123 bruceleedominator123 Jan 4, 2014 11:37 AM Flag

    The $250,000,000 question

    What will they price the new shares at?

    It's safe to say that in all likelihood KH will purchase any new shares (or at least 3/4 to maintain super majority ownership).

    The bit about authorizing market makers to manipulate share price to tailor to offering price was interesting to see in print. will be interesting to see how this is handled. I'd assume they want to maximize price to pay off the $30 million to bryanston per the settlement, but on the other had you'd figure they would not want too minimize what they pay to get more who knows
    Bernstien is all set to rock and roll and sell his 1,000,000,000+ shares he got from then settlement warrants (per december filing).

    well boys and girls...anyone's guess right now which way stock goes....but at least things are moving in the rift direction...

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