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  • bernes_1999 bernes_1999 Apr 25, 2014 6:47 PM Flag

    This selloff has nothing to do with any news.

    Really people are some of you that stupid ! There are approx. 15 million shares besides Genting's 22 million. so approx 2million can be gotten on the subscription offer for $6.25 per share. That's the 1 for 15 plus the ability to double up. So why wouldn't anyone owning the stock not subscibe and then sell the stock above 6.25. It's found money. The stock has been above that price pretty much since the deal was announced. The right to subscribe expires next wednesday so you are just seeing the last gasp of fools that didn't execute over the last couple of weeks. The selling will absolutely stop cold when the stock hits that price and I would think next Thurs. and Friday you'll see a pretty decent rally.
    Noone is better positioned then NYNY to be granted a casino license. They are ready to go. But of course you can never know what motivates a politician. That is the only issue here. If you don't think NYNY will get a license then don't own the stock. nothing else matters.

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    • your focusing on their readiness to build, and ignoring all the new facts on the ground as they exist today, not a year ago. The issue now is whether a large scale casino project in Sullivan County will be viable with a major casino in Orange County.

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      • DTHE read my posts. I said for sure if either of the 2 newburgh sites are picked.If flaum or genting are picked not as viable. Please help here. Under impression casino winner licenses revealed all at same time by sept 30. If that be the case the plans and everything else will be done without if or which orange county site gets the license. Of course I assume their will be dropouts in the meantime.Dthe I love u. If you b short its an hour drive from the commons to 105b but if you b. . long its maybe 35 minutes.Just havin some fun

    • So why would the shares have rallied to begin with?

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      • DTHE. you have been around long enough to know the answer to that. The market does what it wants to do. The trader told you its possib;le antsy people just wanted in..We have to ask yourself who spent hundreds of thousands of dollars propping the pps up so insiders could exercise cheap options and sell them at sky high prices

    • I Think wHAT Happend In The Past Few Days Is Nothing More Than TRADING.....The Stock Hit a High Of $9 Bucks....1 Guy Sold To Protect His Profits...Another Guy Sold To Protect His Profits.....And So On.......Those Same People Will Be Back Next Week BUYING NYNY Shares.....And The Process Will Continue.....We Have a Few Months Left Until The Casino License Winners Are Announced.....And I Expect alot Of Crazy Trading Just Like This!

    • Thank you for shedding some light on the matter. Everything else sounds like pumpers vs. bashers. The fact that the plunge stopped above $6.25 like it hit a concrete floor lends credence to what you say.

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      • d.sss. I was ready to take out any ask I saw under 6.35 today.Did not happen as we all know .The big question is if kh is participating in the subscription. on the last one at like 2 bucks I think they p red saying they are in. do not remember anything of the kind yet with the 6.25 one. I think dthe raised this point a few days ago..I would love to see it

    • Bernes .good job. So I will address it.We all knew what you are saying but only if the sub shares were in your account. If you have to wait till may 1-may 5 to get the sub shares in your account then your post may be a moot point. Yes if someone could short the shares as dthe said knowing they were getting the sub shares then fine. that's if u could short. And why did the pps go over 9 to days ago with the same facts and number of shares at 6.25 coming or came to market ..Investors can be a fickle bunch. Ny ny two days early says we are in.Duh. Who did not know that would happen,. Then as soon as the news breaks,the mms or whoever orchestrate in the next 6 and a half trading hours a 250 to 300 k short squeeze.

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      • Thanks for your thoughtful reply but I think someone just wanted to own the stock this week and chased it up. I was a trader and stuff like this used to happen all the time. people get ants in their pants and lose all reason. As for subscribing and selling without additional shares in your account I don't think there would be any problem borrowing the stock for the short period of time involved. If your broker gave you a hard time on this you need a different broker.

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