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  • completebuddha completebuddha Jul 24, 2002 10:32 PM Flag

    GZMO Is For Long Term Investors

    Buy as much GZMO stock as you can afford (it's a good value at these prices) and put it away for a few years. GZMO is making solid progress, but don't expect good news every three months. It will take a few more years before any fireworks go off. If you've bought GZMO to make a short term profit, forget it, you're wasting your time. Buy a volatile high tech stock on a dip and hope for a pop. GZMO requires patience!!!

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    • I totally disagree with you regarding insider buying as being problematic for insiders. Insiders can announce in advance and buy share per their announcement according to SEC rules. It is true that they can not buy if they are privy to positive info that is not available to outsiders, but so far anytime GZMO has had a spec of positive info they have made prompt announcements about it. If anything, they have been more enthusiastic than they should have been or some of us would not be in this stock as deeply as we are. Insiders of other companies buy stocks on the market when they see it being undervalued if for no other reason than to assure the markets that their company still is worth investing in. Henri, Gail and others can do likewise as a symbolic measure.

      As far as your statement about GZMO scientists staying at GZMO because they are free to pursue their ideas and conduct quality research, such scientists usually gravitate towards research universities. Most scientists are attracted to the drug industry because in addition to being able to do research they are rewarded with stock options which the way GZMO is going right now may not amount to much in the future.

      As far as Bush is concerned I agree with you. I have no use for him.

    • I agree with your post. However,I would like to add that even though one should not expect positive earth-shattering news soon, that does not mean that GZMO's price would not appreciate until then. Once people realize this stock is very undervalued and also buyers return to the beaten down biotechs universe, GZMO has the potential for significant appreciation.